Kodak BL3.6 3.68kWh 48V Lithium Battery

Kodak BL3.6 3.68kWh 48V Lithium Battery

Kodak BL3.6 3.68kWh 48V Lithium Battery

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The BL3.6 Kodak battery is a high performance, 3.68kWh,  scalable battery module perfect for expanding systems. A Single BL3.6 battery module allows up to 5000W of continuous discharge power. This means only one BL3.6 battery module is required for a 5kW inverter or only two required for a 10kW inverter.

The battery has up to 6000+ cycles depending on the DoD of the battery.

  • 1.5 C industry leading C- rating allows single battery deployments for 5kW inverter systems
  • 3.686 kWhrs capable of 15 units in parallel totalling 55.29 kWhrs
  • RS485 and CAN communication ensures full compatibility with KODAK and Sunsynk
  • Industry leading 95% DOD allowing for more useable capacity from the battery
  • 10 year standard warranty

Due to the high discharge power of the BL3.6 Kodak battery, it is highly recommended to use bus bars for the battery connections. 


  • Overvoltage protection
  • Undervoltage protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Low temperature charge protection
  • High temperature charge protection 
  • High temperature discharge protection
  • Low temperature discharge protection
  • Charge over-current protection
  • Discharge over-current protection
  • Dormancy function
  • RS232 / RS485 / CAN communication
  • Warranty: 10 year warranty, >6000 life cycles


  • Rated Power: 5000W
  • Parallel capability: up to 15 units
  • Rated voltage: 51.2V/72Ah
  • Nominal capacity: 3.686kWh
  • Dimensions (mm): 222 x 442 x 512
  • Net weight: 42Kg
  • Communication Interface: RS232 / RS485 / CAN

Electrical Parameters:

  • Charge mode: CC / CV / CP
  • Charging current: 50A (0.5C @25°C)
  • Charging cut-off voltage : 58.4V (3650mV for cell)
  • Discharge mode: CC / CP
  • Discharging cut-off voltage: 40.0V (2500mV for cell)
  • Discharge current: 115A (continuous)


  • Humidity: 5% to 95% Relative Humidity (Non-condensing)
  • Operating Temperature: Charge: 0~+50°C / Discharge: -20~+55°C
  • Storage Temperature: -20~45°C (3 months) /-20~+25°C (1 year)
  • Shipment status: Voltage: 52V~54V SOC: 60%~80%


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