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Autumn Giveaway

Enter this Autumn's prize draw by spending over R 1,500.00 on your next purchase and you could win big! The grand prize is an Ecoflow River Max 576Wh Portable Power Station, with fantastic runner-up prizes also up for grabs.
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Autumn Giveaway

The next exciting prize up for grabs is the sleek RCT 80Ah Lithium Power Bank, featuring a robust battery capacity that ensures you'll always stay powered up when you're on the move. Say goodbye to worrying about running out of juice while you're out and about!
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Autumn Giveaway

The final prize, though certainly not the least, is a delightful Eco Hamper containing the charming Consol Solar Jar, a box of our popular Chox eco-friendly firelighters, as well as a set of dazzling Litehouse Solar LED Festoon Lights.

Top Tips for a Sustainable Autumn

Water Heating

As Autumn sets in, consider enhancing your home with a solar or gas water heater to ensure a sustainable and comfortable hot water supply throughout the season, or opt for a photovoltaic system to harness the sun’s energy for warm water without compromising on efficiency.

Solar Lighting

Illuminate the crisp Autumn evenings with solar lights that not only provide a sustainable and cost-effective outdoor lighting solution but also add a cosy and inviting ambience to your surroundings, creating a beautiful autumnal atmosphere in your outdoor spaces.

Back-Up Power

Prepare for potential power outages due to load shedding during the Autumn season by investing in a reliable backup power source, such as solar or a battery back-up system, to ensure an uninterrupted electricity supply for your essential devices and appliances.


Get eco-friendly by composting fallen leaves and organic waste this Autumn. This not only creates nutrient-rich soil for gardens but also reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfills. Take action and be kinder to the planet by embracing sustainable practices this season.

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Water Heating Solutions

As the days get cooler, and Autumn sets in, get ahead of the curve by investing in an alternative Water Heating System to ensure the water is hot, hot, hot, all year round!

Solar Water Heating
Take advantage the African sun to heat up your water, and keep it hot all year round. Eco-friendly and energy saving!
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Gas Water Heating
Upgrade to a Gas Water Heating for an instant and efficient hot water supply, ensuring comfort and savings for your home.
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