REVOV 2nd LiFe 200Ah 12V 2.56kWh LiFePO4 Battery

Revov 2Nd Life 200Ah 12V 2.56Kwh Lifepo4 Battery

REVOV 2nd LiFe 200Ah 12V 2.56kWh LiFePO4 Battery

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Product Description:

REVOV’s 12V 200Ah 2.56kWh lithium iron battery is ideal for portable energy storage – and because it uses 2ndLiFe technology, it is highly cost-effective. Our 12V 200Ah lithium ion battery includes an integrated battery management system and a durable ABS enclosure. The battery uses a superior four-cell configuration, with advanced LiFePO4 chemistry. It is designed to withstand harsh conditions (including high temperatures) and offers long life span and high energy density. REVOV 2nd LiFe batteries are repurposed after use in electric vehicles. This makes them less expensive than comparable alternatives. They are also environmentally responsible, reducing electronic waste and repurposing important materials.

Please download full specifications sheet here.

Key Features

  • Ultra-safe Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology.
  • Integrated battery management System (BMS).
  • Light weight & compact.
  • Water & dust resistant (IP56).
  • Highly durable ABS enclosure.
  • Drop-in lead acid replacement (with LI consideration) for static storage.
  • Internal BMS for self protecting and maintenance.
  • The battery can be connected in series up to 24V.
  • Under and over voltage protection.
  • The Bluetooth app allows for the display of the battery’s Total Voltage, Remaining Voltage,
  • Temperature and Time Left until fully Discharged.
  • Warranty: 3years or 2000 cycles.

  • Camping Equipment companies.
  • 4x4 enthusiasts.
  • 12V or 24V Backup Systems.

Battery Specifications
  • Nominal Capacity: 200Ah.
  • Nominal Energy: 2560Wh.
  • Nominal Voltage: 12.8V.
  • End of Discharge Voltage: 11.5V.
  • Standard Charge Voltage: 14.1±0.2V.
  • Float Charge Voltage: 13.7V.
  • Standard Charge Current: 40A.
  • Operating Current: 0 – 100A.
  • BMS peak Current: 150A,10Sec.
  • Internal Resistance: 20mΩ.
  • Weight Approx.: 23kg.
  • Ex-factory Capacity SOC Approx.: 50% SOC.
  • Discharge Temperature: -20° C – 60°C.
  • Charge Temperature (must be reduced at 0°C – 5o°C) 5° C – 45° C.
  • Recommended Storage Environment 15 – 45oC @ 75% SOC.
  • Cycle Storage: 1 FULL cycle within 6 months.
  • Maximum DOD: 90%.
  • Cells: Prismatic LiFePO4.

Electrical Characteristics
  • Nominal Capacity: 200Ah.
  • Internal Impendence: 40mΩ.
  • Protections: Short Circuit Protection under and over Voltage Protection, Auto Cut-off Load when Short Circuit.


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