Sunsynk Wall Mount 5.12kWh 51.2V Lithium Battery

Sunsynk Wall Mount 5.12kWh 51.2V Lithium Battery

Sunsynk Wall Mount 5.12kWh 51.2V Lithium Battery

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Product Description

Introducing Sunsynk's energy storage module well designed for residential UPS and off-grid applications. Cells produced by BYD, a global leader in lithium-ion battery  development and manufacturing.

The Sunsynk Battery Wall Mount 5.12kWh 51.2V is made up of Lithium Ion phosphate rechargeable batteries rated at 51.2V with 5.12kWh capacity. In addition, the unit has a built-in battery management system to ensure optimal performance at all times.

SUNSYNK-L5.1 lithium-iron phosphate 5.12kWh battery is one of the new energy storage products developed and produced by SUNSYNK. It is especially suitable for application scenarios of high power, limited installation space, and long cycle life. It can be used to support reliable power for various types of equipment and systems.

  • 1C rated battery – capable of providing a continuous charge and discharge power of 5.1kW.
  • 90% DoD.
  • IP65 rating of enclosure.
  • Parallel - up to 32 units
  • 10-year standard warranty warranty,


Quick installation, wall mounted and standard of 19-inch embedded designed module is comfortable and maintenance.

Flexible Configuration

Multiple battery modules can be in parallel for expanding capacity and power. Support remote upgrade (Compatible with Sunsynk Inverter).

Safe & Reliable

Cathode material is made from LiFePO4 with safety performance and long cycle life. The module has less self-discharge, up to 6 months with0uth charging it on shelf, no memory effect, excellent performance of shallow charge and discharge.

Intelligent BMS

It has protection functions including over-discharge, over-charge, over-current and over-high or low temperature. The system can automatically manage charge and discharge state and balance current and voltage of each cell.

Eco Friendly

The whole module is non-toxic, on-polluting and environmentally friendly.

Wide Temperature

Working temperature range is from -20­­­°C to 55°C, with excellent discharge performance and cycle life.

Technical Specifications

  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LifePO4 or LFP)
  • Capacity: 100 Ah
  • Scalability: Max. 32 pcs in parallel (163.8kWh)
  • Nominal Voltage: 51.2 V
  • Operating Voltage: 43.2~57.6 V
  • Energy:5.12 kWh
  • Usable Energy:4.61 kWh
  • Charge/Discharge Current:
  • Recommend: 50A
  • Max: 100A
  • Peak(2mins, 25) 150A
  • Other Parametre
  • Recommend Depth of Discharge: 90%
  • Dimension (W/H/D):440*620*135mm (don’t include Circuit Breaker, terminals and hanging boards)
  • Weight Approximate: 50kg
  • Master LED Indicator:5 LED (SOC 20%~100%), 3 LED (working, alarming, protecting), IP65
  • Working Temperature: Charge: 0ºC ~ +55ºC (optional heating: -20ºC~+55ºC), Discharge: -20ºC ~ +55ºC
  • Storage Temperature:-20ºC ~ +35ºC
  • Humidity: 5% ~ 95%
  • Altitude: ≤2000m
  • Installation: Wall Mounted or 19-inch standard cabinet
  • Communication Port: CAN2.0, RS485
  • Certification: IEC62619, CE, UN38.3

[1] DC Usable Energy, test conditions: 90% DOD, 0.5C charge & discharge at 25°C. System usable energy may vary due to system configuration parameters

[2] The current is affected by temperature and SOC

What's In the Box?

  • 1 x Hanging board.
  • 1 x Communication Cable.
  • 1 x Inverter to Battery Cable Set.
  • 1 x Battery Parallel Cable Set.

WARNING: These batteries contain BYD cells, not to be mistaken for the Sunsynk batteries which contain CATL cells. These batteries are almost identical apart from the difference in cell type, but this means you cannot mix BYD and CATL batteries in the same system.


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