ReGen LN-2KW 48V PWM Hybrid Wind Controller with RS232

ReGen LN-2KW 48V PWM Hybrid Wind Controller with RS232

ReGen LN-2KW 48V PWM Hybrid Wind Controller with RS232

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  • Model: ReGen_LN-2kW Wind Controller.
  • Rated Power: 2kW.
  • Rated Solar input power: 600W.
  • Rated Battery Voltage: 48V.
  • Display Mode: LCD.
  • Battery over-discharge limit voltage (Low): 40.8V(adjustable).
  • Battery over-discharge limit recovery voltage (Rlow): 46.5V(adjustable).
  • Battery over-charge limit voltage (Full): 58.8V(adjustable).
  • Battery over-charge limit recovery voltage (RFull): 52.8V(adjustable).
  • Float voltage (Flot): 54V(adjustable).
  • Wind dump load rotate speed (Rota): 500R(adjustable).
  • Wind pole logarithm (Pole): 10D(adjustable).
  • Wind charging range DC: (20-100) V.
  • Wind starts charging voltage (Cut In): 20V(adjustable).
  • Wind dump load voltage (Vmax): 100V(adjustable).
  • Dump load control mode: Over rotate speed limiting, over voltage limiting, Over Current limiting, PWM.
  • Wind charging mode: MPPT & PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).
  • Operating temperature & Relative humidity: ﹣20~﹢55℃/35~85%RH(Non-condensing).
  • Quiescent power drain: ≤3W.
  • Protection type: Battery (over-discharge protection; over-charge protection; anti-reverse connection), Wind (Over rotate speed protection, over voltage protection, over current protection).
  • Battery Support: Lithium, Deep Cycle, Lead Acid, Gel and AGM.
  • Packaging Dimensions (L×W×H) 42.5cm x 30cm x 17cm.
  • Net Weight 16 kg.


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