Purain PR100 Rainwater Filter with Non Return Valve
Purain PR100 Rainwater Filter with Non Return Valve

Purain PR100 Rainwater Filter with Non Return Valve

Purain PR100 Rainwater Filter with Non Return Valve

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PURAIN rainwater filters are designed to filter rainwater coming off roofing made from clay brick, shales, tiles, metal, glass or concrete stone. Different model sizes filter water from roof areas of 60 m2 to over 15,000 m2. Independently tested, the PR100 is rated as one of the most efficient rainwater filters in the world - at 98% collection efficiency (this means that for every 100 litres of rain falling on your roof, your filter will collect 98 litres). It has been designed to collect rainwater especially from ‘light” rainfall events and uses the “heavy” events for self-cleaning.

This efficient design is very important, as studies have shown that 97% of all world rainfall comes from “light events” (measured at less than .6mm over 5 minutes), leaving only 3% of rainfall coming from “heavy events” (measured at more than .6mm over 5 minutes). As most other filters are not designed along this scientific principal, they cannot adequately collect light events without wastage, with the result that they end up with collection efficiencies of between only 60 - 70% – meaning they waste large quantities of valuable rainwater.

PR100 and PR100oRS models offer the following features:
 • High collection efficiency - collecting 98% of all rainfall falling on your roof.
 • Built-in overflow skimmer to constantly clean debris floating on the tank water.
 • Built-in non-return valve and chamber cover for both rodent and backflow protection (PR100 only).
 • Hydraulic jump design – self-cleaning.
 • Minimal maintenance needed.
 • Only one filter needed for each installation – even if multiple tanks are used.
 • Indestructible .8mm removable stainless steel filter strainer.
 • European manufacture – sturdy injection moulding that will outlast the life of your tank.


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