P&G Water Purifier Sachets - pack of 48 - Sustainable.co.za
P&G Water Purifier Sachets - pack of 48 - Sustainable.co.za

P&G Water Purifier Sachets - pack of 48

P&G Water Purifier Sachets - pack of 48

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The packet was invented by P&G laundry scientists who were originally trying to separate dirt from used laundry water. They invented a breakthrough technology that can enable people anywhere in the world to purify dirty water in a simple, affordable and convenient way.The P&G Purifier of Water Sachets technology was developed in collaboration with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and works in three ways: coagulation, flocculation, and disinfection.


  • Clean Fresh Water – Clean any freshwater source of Viruses, Bacteria, Cysts, Dirt & Sediment, Heavy Metals.
  • Highly Effective – Remove more than 99.99999% of common waterborne bacteria (including those that cause cholera), 99.99% of common waterborne viruses (including those that cause hepatitis A) and 99.9% of protozoa
  • Large Volume – 240 x P&G™ packets per box to purify 2400 litres of water. 10 litres per packet.
  • Low Cost – Costs a few cents per clean litre of water.
  • Simple to Use – Two buckets, a clean t-shirt and 30 minutes will provide 10 litres of clean water.
  • Removes Particles – Remove dirt and other pollutants.
  • Visible Signal – By removing the dirt and sediment through a flocculation process, the P&G Purifier of Water Sachets gives a visible signal ensuring you have clean and safe water.
  • Improves taste – Maintains a pure fresh taste similar to most household tap water
  • Quick – 30 minutes will provide 10 litres of clean water.
  • Portable – Small and lightweight makes it easy to transport in all condition.

The P&G Sachets are great for

  • Camping.
  • Daily use in areas with suspect water.
  • Keeping on hand in case of emergencies.


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