ITS FP2.0m² Vertical Flat Plate Solar Collector

ITS FP2.0m² Vertical Flat Plate Solar Collector

ITS FP2.0m² Vertical Flat Plate Solar Collector

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Key features

  • Class leading efficiency: Through careful design ITS can offer class leading efficiency on our collectors. Unlike many of our competitors, we are not only manufacturing a panel that is aesthetically pleasing, but we also utilise the proper materials and material thicknesses on the inside of the collector to ensure a high thermal output even after many decades of operation.
  • Sleek low-profile design: Designed to be aesthetically pleasing and with minimal visual impact and wind resistance.
  • Beautiful finish: ITS uses only high-quality finishing materials on our products to ensure the product will even after years of exposure to the outside elements remain as good looking as the day you bought it.
  • Superior corrosion resistance: ITS uses high purity metals and quality finishes in the manufacturing of our collectors to ensure superior corrosion resistance.
  • Freeze resistance: Flat plate collectors are prone to freeze when exposed to sub-zero temperatures for extended periods but when our panel is combined with our advanced control system it will withstand even the harshness of a European winter.
  • Hail resistance: Covered with a 4mm tempered glass our FTP2.4's have survived some really serious hailstorms. At SABS it was tested with hailstones of up to 38mm without any damage.
  • Easy installation and maintenance free operation: ITS solar collectors are designed with a groove in the frame to enable easy mounting with clip in brackets. The collector also includes a dedicated temperature sensor pocket for easy integration with a system controller. ITS collectors are designed to be maintenance free.
  • 5-year warrantee: ITS flat plate technology comes standard with a 5-year warrantee. Due to our advanced EPDM sealing techniques and high-quality materials the products have a life expectancy of more than 20 years. ITS solar collectors have survived rigorous testing by the SABS.

Technical Data - Flat Plate 2.0m² FLP2.0

  • Dimensions (h)x(w)x(d): 2000mm x 1000mm x 80mm.
  • Gross Area: 2.0m².
  • Aperture Area: 1.86m.
  • Cover Material: Frosted Tempered Glass.
  • Cover Thickness: 3mm.
  • Weight: 32kg.
  • Guarantee: 5 years.


  • Sensor pocket: Built-in sensor pocket.
  • Panel Orientation: Vertical.


  • Material: Copper Aluminium fin.
  • Surface Treatment: Black Chrome.
  • Header Material: Copper.
  • Header Tube Size: 22mm x 0.75mm.
  • Riser Material: Copper.
  • Riser Tube Size: 10mm x 0.5mm.
  • Maximum Pressure: 10 Bar.

Thermal Insulation

  • Insulation Material: Polyester Fibre.
  • Insulation Thickness: 35mm.


  • Frame: 6063 Aluminium Alloy.
  • Frame Colour: Antique bronze.
  • Frame Thickness 1-2mm.
  • Back Plate: Chromodek.
  • Stagnation Temperature: 153°C.
  • Sealing Gasket: EPDM.
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