Earth Probiotic Composter Kit
Earth Probiotic Composter Kit
Earth Probiotic Composter Kit

Earth Probiotic Composter Kit

Earth Probiotic Composter Kit

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Each kitchen will need 2 x bokashi food waste digesters. Once the first bin is full it is set aside for a 2-week fermentation period. Thereafter the contents are buried, composted or fed to a worm farm where it breaks down to soil within weeks.

  • Diverting food waste from landfill and re-using it to enrich soil, is a sustainable way of utilising an otherwise environmental hazard.
  • Bins include internal strainer.
  • Robust tap to drain bokashi juice.
  • Seal tightly.
  • Can hold up to 18kg of food waste.

Bokashi digester Specifications

  • Bin dimensions: L 33cm x W 35cm x D 35cm.
  • Bin capacity: 25L.
  • Bokashi digester weight: 700g.

Earth Probiotic 700g Bokashi with 2.5L Container
Earth Bokashi’s earth friendly formula includes the use of indigenous South African microbes and quality waste ingredients including sawdust, which would otherwise be disposed of into landfill. Whilst looking different, Earth Bokashi neutralisers fermentation odours while delivering the ideal balance between carbon and nitrogen to assist with effective post fermentation treatments. Earth Bokashi’s is made with indigenous South African micro-organisms. Earth Bokashi contains a balanced mix of nitrogen and carbon rich material to assist in the final composting of your food waste.

When bokashi is added to food waste, the moisture in the waste activates the beneficial microbes. This starts an anaerobic ("without air") fermentation process.
The fermentation process stops rotting thus eliminating any foul odours and predigesting the food waste, so it becomes an easily absorbed soil food. The 2.5L container is the perfect size container for collecting daily food waste. At the end of each day, the container is emptied into the 25L recycling bin.
Economical refill bags are available in 2kg and 4kg bokashi bags (Choose before adding to cart).

Tips for optimum use

  • Taps need to be 100% airtight for the Bokashi digester to work properly, so the hole in which to thread the tap can be very tight.
  • If you are struggling to insert the tap, place the tap into some hot water and the bucket in bright sunlight and allow to warm for about an hour, and then try to insert the tap into the hole in the bucket.
  • The warmth will give the plastic a bit more flexibility and make inserting the tap easier.
  • When the plastic cools, it will contract again, making the seal airtight.


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