Thermal Controllers

Thermal controllers help regulate solar thermal energy systems by monitoring temperatures, automatically adjusting settings and ensuring that the system continues to operate in a safe and controlled manner. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. The products listed below are individual components. Click here to check out our fully functional Solar Water Heating Kits

Thermal energy in South Africa

South Africa averages 2,500 hours of sunshine per year; we have the highest average solar radiation rate of any other country in the world, yet we consistently under-utilise the power of the sun as a source of energy. As renewable energy assumes increasing importance, however, more attention is being drawn to the benefits of solar and thermal energy to meet a range of residential and commercial power needs. carries a range of components necessary to easily tap into the power of the sun, such as collectors, generators, pumps and thermal controllers. Thermal Controllers

Our range of Geyserwise thermal controllers are capable of managing your entire solar thermal system, including temp regulation and monitoring of collector arrays and storage tanks. Digital controller displays enable you to monitor the functioning of each component within your thermal system. And the technology within the different models of the Geyserwise range of thermal controllers allow for different levels of automatic and manual control of heat sensors, resistance and on/off switches.

Thermal controllers: regulate solar thermal energy systems

The main functions of our thermal controllers can be summed up as temperature difference and storage control. Safety is also of paramount importance, which is why Geyserwise thermal controllers provide protection against excess voltage and overcharging, as well as early warning and automatic switch-off in case of emergency.

Geyserwise solar thermal controllers incorporate the latest developments in thermal technology to ensure that your thermal system operates efficiently and effectively within all required safety parameters.

Make the most of living in sunny South Africa, view our solar thermal controller range and experience the benefits of free energy.