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Sustainable Christmas

Get ready to create lasting memories this December by combining the magic of Christmas with sustainable practices. From exciting daily deals to a range of eco-friendly options, we invite you to join us in celebrating a Sustainable Christmas. Let's make this holiday season truly special by cherishing both the joyous spirit of the festivities and the wellbeing of our planet.

Gift Mindfully

Instead of excessive gift-giving, opt for meaningful and eco-friendly presents. Consider giving experiences, homemade gifts, or items that support fair trade and ethical manufacturing practices.

Reduce Waste

Be conscious of the wrapping paper, cards, and decorations you use. Look for recycled or recyclable materials, or get creative with reusable alternatives like fabric gift wrap or handmade cards.

Eat Green

Choose locally sourced, organic, & plant-based ingredients whenever possible for your Christmas feast. Minimize food waste by using a shopping list and repurposing leftovers.

Conserve Energy

Make your home more energy-efficient by using LED or Solar lights for decorations, setting timers for lights, and turning off appliances when not in use. Celebrate outdoors as much as possible!

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Festive Season Deals

Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Simply buy 2 x Victron Multiplus II 3kVa or 5kVa 48V Inverters and get an additional one completely free!

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Eco Flow Delta Deal

Purchase the Eco Flow Delta 3600Wh Power Station & get the Eco Flow Wave Portable Air Conditioner free!

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Buy 1 get a free Cerbo GX

Buy a Victron Multiplus 3kVa or 5kVa 48V Inverter and get a free Cerbo GX with your purchase!

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12 Days of Christmas

We are celebrating the first 12 days of December with our 12 Days of Christmas promotion. We will be offering a different deal for 12 days this December which will be available while stocks last. We will have something extra special within our featured ranges. Stay updated on our social media or newsletter for the daily deals and featured ranges. Let us bring some holiday cheer to your shopping experience!

Reduce & Reuse

Instead of buying new decorations, consider visiting thrift stores or online marketplaces for gently used items. This not only reduces waste but also gives a new life to pre-loved decor.

Support Local

Choose locally made and handcrafted gifts for your loved ones. This not only supports small businesses but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with shipping and manufacturing.

Offset your Footprint

Consider offsetting the carbon emissions from your holiday activities by donating to environmental projects or organizations that work towards reducing greenhouse gases.

Travel Green

If you plan to travel for the holidays, opt for eco-friendly transportation options like public transit, car pooling, or choose destinations closer to home. Cycle or walk to places close by.