Victron Venus GX

Victron Venus GX -
Victron Venus GX -

Victron Venus GX

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The Venus GX provides intuitive control and monitoring for all Victron power systems. The list of Victron products that can be connected is endless: Inverters, Multis, Quattros, MPPT solar chargers, BMV battery monitors, Lynx Ion + Shunt and more.


  • VRM Online Portal.
  • Remote Console on VRM.
  • Automatic genset start/stop.
  • The heart of ESS – Energy Storage.
  • Data logging.

Supported products

  • Multis and Quattros, including split-phase and three-phase systems. Monitoring and control (on/off and current limiter). Changing configuration is possible (only remotely via the internet, not without an internet connection).
  • EasySolar 1600VA.
  • BlueSolar MPPT Solar Chargers with a VE.Direct port.
  • BlueSolar MPPT 150/70 and the MPPT 150/85 with VE.Can port. When multiple BlueSolar MPPTs with VE.Can are used in parallel, the all information is combined as one.
  • BMV-700 family can be connected directly to the VE.Direct ports on the Venus GX. Use the VE.Direct Cable for this.
  • When more than two VE.Direct products must be connected, USB can be used.

Technical Specifications

  • Power supply voltage range: 8 – 70V DC
  • Current Draw: 210 mA @ 12V, 110 mA @ 24V, 60 mA @ 48V.
  • Communication ports
  • VE.Direct: 2 separate VE.Direct ports – isolated.
  • VE.Can: 2 paralleled RJ45 sockets – isolated.
  • CAN 2nd: CAN interface – non isolated.
  • VE.Bus: 2 paralleled RJ45 sockets – isolated.
  • USB 2: USB Host ports – not isolated.
  • Ethernet: 10/100/1000MB RJ45 socket – isolated except shield
  • WiFi Access Point: Use to connect to Remote Console
  • WiFi Client: Connect the Venus GX to an existing WiFi network


  • Potential free contact: NO/COM/NC – 6 A 250 VAC/30 VDC.
  • Tank level inputs: 3 x Configurable for European (0 - 180 Ohm) or US (240 - 30 Ohm).
  • Temperature level inputs: 2 x Requires ASS000001000.

Third Party Interfacing

  • Modbus-TCP: Use Modbus-TCP to monitor and control all products connected to the Venus GX.
  • JSON Use the VRM JSON API to retrieve data from the VRM Portal.


  • Outer dimensions (h x w x d): 45mm x 143mm x 96mm.
  • Operating temperature range: -20 to +50°C.


All solar products, power systems, water heating and gas products and their components must be installed by appropriately qualified personnel. All installations must adhere to local wiring regulations and standards. Sustainable Online will not be held liable for any product malfunctions as a result of incorrectly installed systems.

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