Victron Cyrix-ct 12/24-120 120A 12V/24V Intelligent Battery Combiner - -

Victron Cyrix-ct 12-24-120 120A 12V-24V Intelligent Battery Combiner

Victron Cyrix-ct 12-24-120 120A 12V-24V Intelligent Battery Combiner

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Please note that this product is available on a 1-2 week lead time.

Some battery combiners (also called voltage-controlled relay, or split charge relay) will disconnect a battery in case of a short but high amperage load. A battery combiner also may fail to connect a large but discharged battery bank because the DC voltage immediately drops below the disengage value once the batteries are connected. The software of the Cyrix-ct 12/24 does more than simply connect and disconnect based on battery voltage and with a fixed time delay. The Cyrix-ct 12/24 looks at the general trend (voltage increasing or decreasing) and reverses a previous action only if the trend has reversed during a certain period. The time delay depends on the voltage deviation from the trend.


  • Long bolts to allow connection of more than one power cable.
  • Protection against overheating (due to a long duration overload e.g.)
  • LED status indication (Cyrix 12/24 230 only).
  • 12/24 V auto ranging.
  • No voltage loss.
  • Prioritising the starter battery.
  • Bidirectional voltage sensing and power supply from both batteries.
  • Parallel connection in case of emergency (Start Assist).

Technical Specifications

  • LED status indication: No.
  • Continuous current: 120 A.
  • Cranking rating (5 seconds): 180 A.
  • Connect voltage: From 13 V to 13,8 V and 26 to 27,6 V with intelligent trend detection.
  • Disconnect voltage: From 11 V to 12,8 V and 22 to 25,7 V with intelligent trend detection.
  • Current consumption when open: <4 mA.
  • Current consumption when closed: 12 V: 220 mA 24 V: 120 mA.
  • Start Assist: Yes (Cyrix remains engaged for 30 seconds).
  • Control cable included (length 1 m): No.
  • Protection category: IP54.
  • Weight kg: 0,11.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Dimensions (h x w x d in mm): 46 x 46 x 80.


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