Victron Blue Solar 12V-24V-30A PWM Charge Controller with LCD & USB

Victron Blue Solar 12V/24V/30A PWM Charge Controller with LCD & USB -

Victron Blue Solar 12V-24V-30A PWM Charge Controller with LCD & USB

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  • Liquid crystal display. For status monitoring and set-up
  • External Temperature sensor included
  • 2 Separate Battery outputs. Charges two separate batteries. For example, the starter battery and the service battery of a boat or mobile home.
  • Protections. Protected against reverse polarity connection of the solar panels and/or battery
  • Programmable battery charge algorithm. Algorithms for AGM, GEL or Flooded lead-acid batteries and LiFePO4 batteries (with internal BMS).
  • Two 5 Volt USB outputs. Maximum current of the two outputs combined: 2A
  • Charges two separate batteries.
  • Programmable charge current ratio.
  • External Temperature sensor.


  • Battery Voltage: 12/24V with automatic system voltage detection.
  • Rated charge current: 30A.
  • Automatic loads disconnect: Yes.
  • Maximum solar voltage: 28V / 55V.
  • Self-consumption: < 10 mA.
  • Load output: Manual control + low voltage disconnects +timer.
  • Protection: Battery reverse polarity (fuse) Output short circuit Over temperature Overload protection.
  • Grounding: Common positive.
  • Operating temp. range: -35 to +60°C (full load).
  • Humidity (non-condensing): Max 95%.


  • Charge voltage 'absorption': Factory setting: 14,4V / 28,8V.
  • Charge voltage 'float' (2): Factory setting: 13,7V / 27,4V.
  • Low voltage load disconnect: Factory setting: 11,2V / 22,4V.
  • Low voltage load reconnect: Factory setting: 12,6V / 25,2V.


  • Voltage: 5V.
  • Current: 2A (total from 2 outputs).


  • Protection class: IP20.
  • Terminal size: 6 mm² / AWG10.
  • Weight: 0,3kg.
  • Dimensions (h x w x d): 101 x 184 x 47 mm.
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