ITS 7.6kW Super Domestic Heat Pump

ITS 7.6kW Super Domestic Heat Pump

ITS 7.6kW Super Domestic Heat Pump

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The heat pump size is normally selected so that it will heat the water slightly faster than what and electrical element will do. Our heat pumps range requires virtually no maintenance of the system except for making sure the evaporator is clean from dirt and leaves. We do however recommend that the system be checked annually to ensure that you are getting the best possible efficiency out of the system.

Key Features
 • Uses the latest compressor technology with the industry’s first heat pump specific compressor.
 • Produces 85°C water where other heat pumps produce 65°C water at the same gas pressure.
 • Engineered for comfort and class leading efficiency that will save you thousands each year.
 • Maximum hot water delivery via the IT’S patented integration technique.
 • Environmentally friendly R134a gas.
 • Unequalled life expectancy.
 • Quiet and unobtrusive.

Technical Specifications
 • Heating Cap - 7600W.
 • Power Supply - 220V/1/50Hz.
 • Input Power - 1,81KW.
 • Running Current - 8.4A.
 • Casing - UV Stabilized ABC.
 • Refrigerant - R410a.
 • Air Temperature - (0 - 45°C).
 • Hot Water Generated - 165 L/h.
 • Water Temperature - 60°C.
 • Noise Levels    - 52 db.
 • Water Connection    - 3/4”.
 • Net Weight - 45 kg.
 • Net Dimensions (L x W x H) - 1011mm x 420mm x 614mm.

ITS Heat pumps have a limited extended 5 year warranty and a full 1 year warranty. The system life expectancy is more than 10 years.

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