Ecogator 120L Greywater System

Ecogator 120L Greywater System
Ecogator 120L Greywater System
Ecogator 120L Greywater System

Ecogator 120L Greywater System

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The Ecogator Grey Water System is designed to re-use water in your garden that would have gone to waste. It is designed to use the grey water within 24 hours to inhibit bacteria growth and prevent potential odours. Grey water is waste water from showers, baths and laundries. Grey water should never include sewerage (black water) from toilets, or water from washing up (dishwashers or sinks).

The Ecogator Grey Water System consists of the following:
Filter unit: The filter unit consists of a robust Polyethylene outer cylinder and lid; a very effective specially designed bottle brush as well as a primary canister and grid. The brush and primary canister can easily be removed for weekly cleaning (refer to maintenance). The water flows freely through the canister with the brush system preventing any hair and solids to pass through to the tank. A grid and sieve on top of the cylinder further assists in the filtering process. Please remove the filter bottle brush when the system is in "by-pass" mode as it will prolong the longevity of the brush.

Tank: The 120 litre tank collects all the water before pumping it into the garden. The tank is designed to allow for an internal submersible pump or an external well point pump. Inside the tank you will find a ball valve which can be switched to an open or close position. This is very useful when not using the grey water from your system (winter months or with power outages). When opening the valve, the water will bypass the Ecogator Grey Water System. This will ensure that there will be no stagnant water in the tank (when by-passing – you could remove the filter brush, to prolong its lifespan). By-passing the system in winter months may also prolong the lifespan of your pump. The system also has an overflow to the existing sewer pipes in case of a power shortage or when your pump is not operational. Dimensions- 850mm (D) x 750mm (H).

Outlet: The system has two possible outlet configurations:

  • External well point pump (Pump not included): Find a pre-installed outlet pipe with a finger filter attached at the bottom. This should be used with an external pump. Just connect the pump's inlet pipe to the 32mm female outlet fitting outside the tank.
  • Internal submersible pump (Pump included but specifications may vary due to supply and demand): First unscrew the finger filter at the bottom of the pipe and then unscrew the pre-assembled outlet pipe (blue). Now screw in the extra fitting as supplied with the unit. This fitting is to connect your pump to the outlet of the tank. Place the submersible pump on the small elevated square moulded in at the bottom of the tank and connect it to the outlet fitting in the tank.


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