Green Cleaning

Green cleaning products for cleaner, healthier home

As green cleaning practices become more mainstream, eco friendly or organic cleaning products are easier to come by. The growing popularity of green household cleaning products is partly due to the fact that ‘going green’ is a mindset being adopted on a global scale, and partly because people are increasingly aware that chemical cleaners often do more harm than good.

For instance, antibacterial household cleaners can lead to skin and eye irritations, when they come into contact with chlorinated water they can form a carcinogenic compound that may lead to cancer. These products have the potential to produce new strains of bacteria that are resistant to current forms of antibiotic medication. In addition, antibacterial cleaners are only as effective as they claim to be after prolonged washing. In terms of time and energy, soap and water are far more effective at removing germs. carries a selection of South Africa’s most trusted manufacturers of green cleaning products, including Bloublommetjies, Enchantrix and Better Earth. Our green range includes everything from herbal disinfectants and natural air fresheners to stain removers and toilet cleaners.

When comparing chemical cleaners to environmentally friendly cleaning products, there are a few things that you need to bear in mind. Many of the claims made both chemical and green cleaning manufacturers are open to interpretation; which means that terms such as ‘biodegradable’, ‘phosphate free’ and antibacterial’ aren’t regulated by any industry bodies and can mean different things to different companies. Biodegradable cleaners, for instance, may indeed contain ingredients that degrade naturally, but only in soil and not water, or only after several months as opposed to a few days.

Our green cleaning products have been tested and approved by leading microbiologists and, as a result, are among the best and safest organic home cleaners you can buy on the South African market. If you’re looking for a simple and natural alternative to the harsh chemical cleaners in your house, view our green cleaning products range.

Say goodbye to a cupboard full of cleaners with ill-defined ingredients, switch to green cleaning products from and experience the benefits of a naturally clean home at economical prices, to your health and your wallet.