Efficient Lighting


Making use of energy efficient lighting is a great way to substantially reduce your current energy bill whilst simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint. Sustainable.co.za stocks a wide range of LED and Solar lights that offer varying degrees of energy efficiency.


Sustainable.co.za offers three options when it comes to efficient lighting, namely:-


Solar Lights

In South Africa, the sun shines for about 70% of daylight hours. All that sunlight calls for solar lighting, as both an energy efficient and cost effective way of generating light. What’s more, solar lighting technology has improved significantly in recent years, making it a more reliable light source. No more fading in the middle of an evening garden party! Solar lighting can be utilised to work beautifully around the perimeter of the house, as well as in the garden. Positioned strategically, it not only works as a functional addition to your outdoor space, but also as a decorative element highlighting key features and accents.


When shopping for solar lights, one should consider the following:-


  • Whether you require ambiance or illumination.
  • The area that needs to be illuminated.
  • What sort of aesthetic you require.
  • How many hours per night the light needs to stay on for.
  • Whether you require a motion sensor light or a continuous light.

Solar lights are compact and efficient and work out more cost effective than designing a system to power existing lights. With our extensive range available, we are bound to have something suitable for your requirements.

LED Lights

We believe that every household should replace their existing lights with LED lights. It will significantly reduce your lighting bill (up to 90%) and is a good way to start reducing your energy requirements should you wish to invest in a solar power system. From bulbs to candlelights, floodlights and downlights, we have a replacement option for most household lighting requirements.

Christmas Lights

Christmas is a time of wonder, but it can also a time of tremendous waste. Fortunately, energy efficient lighting has evolved rapidly over the last decade, and now, more than ever, there are many options to choose from when lighting up your holiday season. A range of solar fairy lighting options are available as well as efficient LED Christmas motif lights.

If you require any assistance with selecting the most appropriate lighting methods for your home, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.