BLUETTI Portable Power

Introducing Bluetti, the ultimate power solution for a sustainable future. These high-capacity Power Stations ensure reliable, off-grid power wherever you go. With intelligent management systems and durable design, Bluetti is built to last. Whether you're seeking to reduce your carbon footprint, save on energy costs, or desire a reliable backup power source to see you through Load Shedding, Bluetti has a solution for you. Join us in our journey towards a sustainable future.

BLUETTI Portable Power Station Features


BLUETTI portable power stations are typically lighter than traditional generators. Some of them also have handles or wheels so that you can take them anywhere you like. Ideal for outdoor camping, hiking, and emergencies.

LiFePO₄ Battery

LiFePO₄ chemistry integrated in BLUETTI battery-powered stations possesses a longer lifespan, higher discharge efficiency, and adaptivity to wider range of temperatures than traditional conterparts.


BLUETTI gives you options to boost battery capacity and wattage to the next level. A reliable portable power supply to run your cellphone, laptop, fridge, coffee maker, heavy-duty appliances, even your entire house.

Which Power Station is right for you?

BLUETTI EB3A 600W 268Wh Power Station
  • AC Output: 600W
  • Capacity: 268Wh LiFePO₄
  • Max. Solar Input: 200W
  • AC Outlets: 1
  • Scalability: N/A

  • APP: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 Years
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BLUETTI EB70 1000W 716Wh Power Station
  • AC Output: 1000W
  • Capacity: 716Wh LiFePO₄
  • Max. Solar Input: 200W
  • AC Outlets: 2
  • Scalability: N/A

  • APP: No
  • Warranty: 2 Years
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BLUETTI AC200Max 2200W 2048Wh Power Station
  • AC Output: 2200W
  • Capacity: 2048Wh LiFePO₄
  • Max. Solar Input: 900W
  • AC Outlets: 4
  • Scalability: Expandable w/ up to 2 x B230/ B300 Expansion Batteries
  • APP: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 Years + 2 Years
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BLUETTI AC300 + B300 Home Battery Backup

AC Output: 3000W
Capacity: 3072Wh LiFePO₄
Max. Solar Input: 2400W
AC Outlets: 6
Scalability: Expandable w/ up to 4 x B300 Expansion Batteries
APP: Yes
Warranty: 4 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

In our portable power stations, we now use lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO₄ batteries). In comparison to lead-acid batteries, which can only last 300-400 cycles, the high-quality LiFePO₄ battery can reach 3500 charge and discharge cycles. Furthermore, LiFePO₄ batteries are well-known for their high safety standards, as they rarely explode or catch fire.

It is possible, however, charging and discharging the battery at the same time is not recommended in order to protect the battery's cycle life.

The BLUETTI power stations are more compact, lighter, produce zero emissions, eco-friendly, smog-free, cost effective, low maintenance, are quiet and support flexible charging from AC/car/solar power.