Battery Chargers’s range of battery chargers are available in 12V, 24V and 48V models. Whether you need a heavy duty battery charger to recharge your large 24V battery bank, or something smaller for your caravan battery, we have chargers for you.

The right battery charger for the right battery carries a range of Omnitech, Power Master and Victron battery chargers that include charge protection and short circuit, reverse polarity and surge protection as standard. In addition, our battery chargers contain a manual switch that allows them to be used as a either power supply or DC backup system when used in conjunction with batteries. They are also corrosion resistant and have thermal control to ensure that continued safety and long life of your battery.

Lead acid batteries, such as those used in conventional cars and vehicles, tend not to suffer from ‘memory effect’ and can be recharged any time, although it’s important to use a battery charger with a chemical composition that matches the battery, otherwise you risk sulfation (damage that results from the degradation of sulfuric acid in the battery). They also need to be completely recharged as soon as they run flat or else sulfation can occur.