Eco Fire and Braai 360Kg Bulk Eco-Logs
Eco Fire and Braai 360Kg Bulk Eco-Logs
Eco Fire and BBQ 350Kg Bulk Eco-Logs

Eco Fire and Braai 360Kg Bulk Eco-Logs

Eco Fire and Braai 360Kg Bulk Eco-Logs

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Product Description

The Alternative to wood and charcoal and it works brilliantly!

Eco Fire & BBQ Logettes are produced largely from the grape seeds of the
yearly wine harvest. NO additional vegetation is removed, damaged or destroyed in the process of obtaining the raw material.

After cold pressing the grape seeds, the oil cake combined with other plant
biomass are compressed to form the Logettes.

No binding agents or chemicals is used in the manufacturing process
resulting in a 100% natural product.


  • 100% Natural
  • Made from compressed grape seeds
  • and added plant biomass
  • Clean to use - No more dirty hands
  • Long lasting heat & coals
  • Alternative to wood & charcoal
  • Calorific Value of 21.58mj/kg
  • No shooting sparks.
  • Green tag Certified

Logettes has a low impact and is a convenient and responsible alternative to traditional wood and charcoal In addition, they are highly versatile and is ideal for BBQ and heating and completely safe to use in open braais and fireplaces, closed and combustion system ovens for internal heating, Weber-type kettle braais and pizza ovens. They’re
odourless and burn like traditional firewood or charcoal, producing high heat and long-lasting coals!

In non-windy / normal conditions, the burning time of a 5kg bag of Logettes is approximately 40-45 minutes of flames. The resulting coals and long-burning, producing high heat for approximately an hour and longer.


    • No chemicals or binding agents.
    • 30% less greenhouse gases.
    • 80% less carbon dioxide.
    • 86% less creosote.
    • 18 x 20kg Bags Ecologs ( +/-840 logs).


    • Open Braai's and Fireplaces.
    • Closed System Combustion Ovens for heating in winter.
    • Kettle Braai’s, Weber type.
    • Pizza Ovens.

    Log Composition

    • Logs contain 2.46% moisture.
    • 3.66% Ash after use.
    • 66.8% Volatile Combatible matter.
    • 27% Fixed Carbon.
    • Gross Calorific Value is 21,01 Ml/Kg.

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