Winter Can Wait!

With summer now little more than a distant memory and the nights already starting to draw in, let us help you keep warm this Autumn by enjoying a comfortable green lifestyle and saving money at the same time. Our motto at is "Buy once, buy well", and we have so many great products available that you will be coming back for more. Colourful leaves dancing in dry, soft, warm winds and magical sunsets is the balmy promise of the Autumn Season. At, we love this time of the year and even though night sets in earlier and the days are getting cooler, we believe that the sweetness of Summer matures in the colourful season.

Awesome Autumn Ambiance

It may be getting darker, but Autumn sunsets are truly magnificent. Enjoy the evenings for longer by creating some ambiance in your garden with our extensive range of Solar Garden Lights. We promise that you won't be sorry. We have fairy lights, solar lanterns, walkway lights, spike lights and more. If you would prefer to not go the solar route, simply reduce your power usage with our range of LED lights, from a wide range of strip lights to tube lights, sensor security lights and more. You want it? We've got it.

Make the most of your time outdoors.

If you are an avid braai master or you are inspired to start stoking up the fireplace in preparation for Winter, our Eco-Logs and Green Firelighters are the way to go. Odourless, smokeless and long lasting, you are not only doing your bit to save the planet, but we guarantee these logs won't disappoint. Best of all, they cost the same as your standard firewood. In fact, we offer the logs at far less than what they sell for in larger retail outlets.

Get the Potjie Pot out - Hot meals keep things cosy

Cooler days inspire hot meals, from curries, soups, stews and the old South African favourite - potjiekos! Recycle your scraps with our Kitchen Composters. This compost works wonders in your garden and what better way to recycle than to put it back into the earth to grow more? Cooking big pots of hot food has never been easier than with our ecostoves. These cookers are so efficient that food cooks faster than your standard electrical stove AND saves electricity. One of our favourite clients swears by this. Why not add the hot bag to slow cook or kept it warm for longer? Saving time and money is our promise to you.

Wrap it up!

Save on power and ultimately money when you make your geyser more efficient. Simply insulating the pipes with pipe insulation or wrapping your geyser in a geyser blanket will retain the heat and stop your geyser from working overtime during the cooler months.

Waste not, want not. Water saving a must.

With the drought still rampant in Cape Town, water saving is an absolute necessity. There is an alternative for everything else except this most precious and valuable commodity. At our focus has been on the water crisis and we have a wide range of solutions available. One of our favourites is our 500L Rain Water Tank. Not only is it practical but it is also aesthetically pleasing as there is room at the top to plant your Autumn crops or flowers. Very popular with homeowners and landscapers alike.

Save your tap water.

Our adjustable tap aerators are very popular with our team. They can fit onto any threaded tap and you can adjust the water flow from 2L - 6L depending on your requirement. This is a fantastic little water saver and well worth the investment.

Make grey water recycling a clean affair.

Grey water recycling has become the norm around South Africa as one of the favoured water saving techniques.

Laundry just became so much easier.

Our Sputnik is still a best seller that many people pair with the Spindel Specialist Dryer. Use 90% less water, soap and electricity with this set up. These units are so portable that you can do your laundry outside.

Go for an evening dip!

An evening swim is a great way to wash off the worries of the day, and what better way to warm up the evening than with a warm pool? Our pool heat pumps are a great solution for all you avid swimmers out there.

As always, our gift to you.

We hope that this season proves to be sustainable, comfortable and one to remember. To make it even better, we will be running a Giveaway where you can stand in line to win one a deluxe Autumn Hamper including a weekend away valued at over R 8 000.00. Click here for more. “Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” ― Jim Bishop