Did You Know Our Eco-Logs Are Made from Grape Seeds?

Greetings, fellow eco-enthusiasts and sustainable lifestyle advocates! Today, I'm excited to delve into one of our unique products at Sustainable.co.za that marries environmental responsibility with everyday practicality—our Eco Fire range of eco-logs. These aren’t just fuel for your fire; they’re a testament to how small shifts can have significant environmental impacts. Crafted from compressed grape seeds and natural bio-mass, these logs offer a sustainable alternative to traditional wood logs.

The Secret Behind Our Eco-Logs

What makes these eco-logs particularly special? They're made from grape seeds—a byproduct of the wine industry, which is abundant in our region. By repurposing what would otherwise be waste, these logs are not only an excellent example of upcycling but also provide a burn as robust and long-lasting as hardwood.

Our Eco Fire Range: Sizes for Every Need

  • 5kg Bags: Perfect for occasional use, whether it's a small gathering at home or a spontaneous camping trip.
  • 20kg Bags: Great for more extended stays outdoors or for regular use at home, ensuring you always have a reliable and eco-friendly heat source.
  • 360kg Bundle (18 x 20kg bags): An economical choice for those who are fully committed to sustainable living or for community use in eco-conscious neighborhoods.

Why Choose Eco Fire Eco-Logs?

  1. Sustainability: These logs are a brilliant way to reduce waste and help divert grape seeds from landfills.
  2. Long Burning: Just like traditional wood, our eco-logs offer extensive burn times, which make them efficient for both heating and cooking.
  3. Low Emissions: Burning our eco-logs results in fewer emissions compared to conventional wood logs, thus reducing your carbon footprint.
  4. Mess-Free: Say goodbye to the dirt and debris associated with regular wood logs. Our eco-logs come in neat, compact packaging.

The Eco-Friendly Family’s Choice

As a homeowner and family person deeply entrenched in an eco-conscious lifestyle, I understand the importance of choosing products that align with our values. Our eco-logs not only provide the warmth your family needs during those chilly evenings but also instill a sense of responsibility towards the environment—a valuable lesson for the younger generation.

Community and Environmental Impact

Opting for our Eco Fire eco-logs is more than just a purchase—it's a stand for sustainable living. This choice supports waste reduction, minimizes deforestation, and promotes cleaner air, all of which contribute to a healthier planet for our families.

Cape Nature has endorsed the use of eco-logs, like our Eco Fire eco-logs, in their reserves as an environmentally friendly alternative, emphasizing their role in protecting local biodiversity against threats like the Shot Hole Borer beetle. This approval aligns with efforts to prevent infestations and support sustainable practices within protected areas.

For further details, you can visit their announcement on this matter.


Whether you're gathered around a campfire, cooking up a storm on the grill, or simply seeking a cozy night in, our Eco Fire eco-logs ensure that your activities are environmentally friendly without sacrificing quality or convenience. Embracing these eco-logs into your lifestyle means choosing a sustainable path forward for both your family and the planet.

Call to Action

Ready to make a significant impact with a simple change? Visit Sustainable.co.za to check out our Eco Fire eco-logs and start transforming the way you think about what fuels your fire. Together, let's light up our lives responsibly!

Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a greener future, one fire log at a time.