Wind Turbine Kits

Benefits of purchasing a Wind Turbine Kit

Our wind power kits are put together in a way that best combines the relevant and necessary components for a fully functional wind turbine system at the most economical price. There is no need for you to do any research into which components make up a fully functional system - we have done this for you.

Due to the fact that that our kits are sold as a combination of parts in bulk and not as individual parts, we are able to offer lower prices on our wind turbine kits . Delivery of the kits will also be easier and cheaper.

What components make up a Wind Turbine Kit?

A typical domestic wind turbine kit is made up of 3 main components, namely:

•  The Wind turbine itself (tower, blades etc)
•  Charge Controller
•  Inverter

What are you waiting for?

Wind power might not be the ideal resource for sustainable energy in all areas of South Africa, however if you live in an open space that has enough wind power generation potential then be sure to consider installing a wind turbine system for your home of office.

Don't be intimidated by the technical complexities of wind power generation, leave that up to use. By purchasing one of our wind turbine kits you will have everything you need to get started. We will have the system installed for you and you will be well on your way to saving money and more importantly, saving the environment. stocks the highest quality wind turbine kits . Browse through our catalogue of available kits and find the one that best suits you and your requirements.

If you have any questions, please free to contact us.