Wind Inverters

Types of Wind Inverters

There are two primary types of wind inverter:

  • Wind inverters that are tied to the utlity grid, and
  • Those that are off-grid or stand-alone inverters

Inverters that are tied to the electricity grid feed wind power into national electricity grids, this is done to either offset electricity costs or supplement residential or commercial power usage. Off-grid systems store power in batteries for later use.

Wind inverters from carries a range of wind inverters that are also compatible with solar power systems. This enables you to supplement your conventional energy needs with both wind and solar power. The technology driving our wind inverters ensures that they work well with applications that require low input voltages – 21V to 60V.

As our wind inverters work so well with low voltages they are particularly useful in small wind turbines with small generators and can be used in both grid-tied and off-grid wind power systems.

Let the Experts Install

You don’t have to worry about the technical details of installation and maintenance when you purchase a wind inverter from, our experts will either install the inverter for you, or provide you with a comprehensive, easy to understand guide on how to do it yourself. We also provide complete instructions on the proper operation and maintenance of your wind inverter.

If you want to set up a wind power system for your home or business, contact, we stock all necessary parts and components, from turbines, alternators, generators, batteries and, of course, your wind inverter of choice.