Water Saving

Water conservation has been the focus of eco-organizations for years. As we have become increasingly aware, water is simply not an infinite natural resource. Water saving products from Sustainable makes water conservation for the homeowner easy and trouble-free.\

Enjoy your water saving

Our water saving products include cistern water savers that turn your old water guzzling flush systems into effective low-water use toilets, and our water saving shower heads provide the same relaxing feel as powerful massage shower heads but with only a fraction of the water.

Water saving products for outdoors

Not only do we carry products designed to save your water indoors (shower heads, taps and toilet cistern devices), but we also carry an outdoor range to help you save water in your garden.

Aquatrap manufactures a number of outdoor water saving devices, including a plant collar that acts as a dam around trees and shrubs to stop water run-off, and a dripper system that has been specially designed for rural and urban agriculture projects, such as those around schools. The dripper system uses gravity to water crops efficiently and effectively and can also be used to disperse liquid fertiliser. The disc liner water saving device is often used in conjunction with the dripper system to maximise conservation efforts. The disc liner is made from recycled tyres and tubes to create a false water table that results in water savings of up to 50%. As one of the most effective water saving methods currently available in South Africa, the disc liner also ensures that no compost or valuable soil nutrients go to waste.

Water saving facts

  • Drip irrigation systems, such as the one provided by Aquatrap, are 90% more efficient and effective than traditional sprinkler systems.
  • Each person uses roughly 60l of water per day just for flushing. A water saving toilet device can cut that figure in half.
  • Only use an approved water saving product in your toilet. Despite what you may have heard, you shouldn’t use bricks, as they crumble and damage toilet pipes.
  • While showering is recognised as more water efficient than bathing, showering still adds up to 20% of indoor water use.
  • An average shower uses around 35l of water, by installing a water saving shower head you can cut that consumption by up to 20%.

With products from Sustainable.co.za you can start saving water without sacrificing comfort. Contact Sustainable.co.za and place your order for water saving products today.