Water Distillers

Pure water from distillers

While conventionally distilled water is free of most contaminants, a critical few remain including chlorine, certain pesticides and volatile organic contaminants (VOCs). But solar distilling causes only water to evaporate. Contaminants, such as salts, metals and bacteria, are left behind. If you find that simple solar distillers don’t remove all traces of chlorine and chlorine by-products from your water, you can supplement the process with a carbon filter, which will leave you with pure drinking water for your home.

Solar water distiller components

Solar water distillers consist of 4 major components: a basin, support structure, cover and a distilling trough.
Extras include insulation, sealants, piping and valves to preserve your distilled water and to carry it to your home.

There are two main types of solar distillers: a single-basin water distiller and a multi-basin distiller.
  1. Single-basin solar water distillers consist of a rectangular black box with a glass top that is sealed at a slight angle. The sun heats the water in the black box, which then condenses on the glass lid and runs down the angle to a container for collection. The black box retains latent heat, which allows single-basin distillers to produce pure water overnight.
  2. Multi-basin distillers (or inclined solar distillers) use several black boxes and produce a greater volume of distilled water than single-basin distillers. They are designed to easy transport, and are suitable for people who never stay in the same place for long, e.g. caravaners and campers.

Water purifiers and filters gaining in popularity

Modern living is defined by a pre-emptive approach to health, and most people prefer to take care of their health naturally rather than with chemically created pills and tonics. As a result, more people are making use of water filters, reverse osmosis systems and water purifiers to ensure that their homes are supplied with water that is as pure as possible.

Sustainable.co.za has a range of water filters, purifiers and distillers to ensure that all of your pure water needs are met. Debate rages over whether filtered water is better than distilled water, but top quality equipment of either purification system will provide your home with water that is pure enough for drinking and cooking purposes.

For the best of both, Sustainable.co.za carries proven solar distillers, carbon filters and ceramic and UV (ultra-violet) water purifiers that can be installed outdoors or indoors, including solar distilling basins, countertop water filters and portable purifiers.

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