Solar Geysers offers an array of solar geyser systems and tanks of all sizes to suit all of your hot water needs. Do your bit for the environment and save thousands of Rand today by switching to solar water heating. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. The products listed below are individual components; why not check out our fully functional Solar Water Heating Kits.

Types of Solar Geysers

Solar geysers can be divided into two primary types:

  • Direct systems that pump water into solar panels, which is then heated and stored in the geyser. They can use either solar panels or evacuated tubes.
  • Indirect systems use a specially designed type of anti-freeze, which circulates through solar panels to heat the water, which then flows to a geyser. They also operate with solar flat plate or evacuated tubes.

Advantages and disadvantages of solar powered geyser systems

While direct systems are effective, the different geyser components are susceptible to corrosion and need regular maintenance and replacement. Unlike indirect systems, they don’t use any anti-freezing solutions and can freeze in very cold weather, rendering them ineffective and causing damage to the pipes.

Indirect solar geysers are not as efficient as direct geyser systems, as the pipes are only able to heat a small volume of water at a time; pipes are also relatively narrow, so tanks take longer to fill. However, they retain heat longer than direct systems. These solar geysers also last longer than direct geysers because they don’t freeze; the anti-freezing solution is also non-corrosive, which extends the life of all geyser components.

Solar geysers in South Africa

There are a number of quality solar power geysers available in South Africa. To ensure that your solar geyser meets the prescribed standards of quality and safety you need to look for an SABS mark of approval, Keymark certification, Eskom accreditation, SESSA (Sustainable Energy Society Southern Africa) membership and a five-year warranty.’s solar geysers carries a range of solar geysers from some of the most well known and respected brands in the solar power industry. For instance, Duratherm Geysers use the latest solar technology in the manufacture of their solar geysers, such as a unique polymer lining (PEX), which not only conserves heat and energy but also ensures that your system works for all water types, and is maintenance free. We also stock solar geysers with additional insulation from GAP Holdings.

An efficient solar geyser will effectively harness the power of the sun to meet all of your hot water needs in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner that also saves you money. For solar geysers at an affordable price contact and place your order today.