Solar Chargers

Sustainable carries a range of solar chargers for all manner of portable devices, including smart cell phones such as the iPhone, Blackberry phones and PDAs, as well as PSP gaming stations, Garmin GPS devices, MP3s and iPods, iPhones,iPads, digital cameras and even laptops.

What are solar chargers good for?

The benefits of a portable solar charger are obvious. As solar battery chargers use energy from the sun to power devices, you don’t have to be anywhere near an electrical socket to use one, which means that if the batteries in your cell phone, iPod or MP3 player decide to fizzle out all you have to do to bring them back to life is find a warm sunny spot for your solar charger. And, of course, without the need for electricity solar chargers have no impact on the environment.

The downside is that they can’t be used at night or when the weather is particularly bad. So, whether your cell phone battery dies while you catch some warm winter rays outside, or your laptop needs recharging while you’re on the road, has the solar powered chargers for you.

Reduce your carbon footprint and allow yourself greater freedom at the same time, purchase a solar charger from now.