Pump & Solar Water Kits

Our Solar Hot Water Kits are put together in order to save you time and money when purchasing a fully functional solar hot water system. We have done all the hard work and combined compatible products to make up fully functional systems. You no longer have to figure out which products you need for a fully functional solar hot water system or which products are compatible with one another. Check out our Solar Water Heating Kits below and Contact Us

Why purchase an entire Solar Hot Water Kit?

We have designed our solar hot water heating kits in a way that combines the most appropriate and effective components with one another. You no longer need to do the extensive research needed to figure out exactly which components make up a fully functional solar hot water system as we have done this for you.

Purchasing solar hot water panels and collectors together in one kit with the rest of the required components also brings down the overall cost of the kit itself as you're buying in bulk and shipping and logistics costs are also reduced.

What makes up a fully functional Solar Hot Water kit?

A typical solar hot water heating system is made up of four main components, namely:

  • Solar collector
  • A Geyser or Storage tank
  • A Thermal controller
  • A Circulating pump

What are you waiting for?

Don't be intimidated by the initial complexity of solar hot water heating systems . These kits provide you with everything you need to install a fully functional system in your home.

Sustainable.co.za stocks the highest quality solar hot water kits . Browse through our catalogue of available kits and find the one that best suits you and your requirements.

If you have any questions, please free to contact us.