Loadshedding has become a stark reality for many South Africans as well as those further abroad. It is evident that with crumbling infrastructure and depleted resources the only option is Renewable Energy. We are aware that it is not always easy or financially feasible to switch to an off-grid lifestyle but our team at Sustainable.co.za have put together a variety of solutions that cater to every pocket. Don't let Loadshedding be the reason for getting you down again.

Solar Back-Up Systems

We have put together a wide range of Solar Back-Up Kits to suit a variety of power requirements. These are made up of small off-grid solutions and a few hybrid kits that switch over to solar when the power is down and then back to mains when the power is on again.

Battery Back-Up Systems

These systems are inverter/ battery systems that power your essential equipment when Loadshedding hits. The battery is then charged with a battery charger via Eskom when the power is on.

Hybrid Fridge/Freezers

Fridges and Freezers use a lot of power and you will need a fairly large solar power kit to power them off-grid. Our Hybrid Fridge/Freezers are powered directly via solar when the power is off and then go back to being powered by the mains when the power is back on. They can keep food cool for up to 38 hours without needing power.


Powerbanks are exceptionally useful for charging your electronic devices such as phones, tablets and some of them can even power laptops. These can not only be used at home during Loadshedding and then recharged when the power is on, but they are also very useful to have for outdoor adventures like camping, caravaning etc.

Gas Solutions

While gas is not a firm favourite of ours due to it being a non-renewable resource, gas is still a good option for off-grid use. Anything that generates heat uses a lot of power, which makes powering a stove via renewable energy non-feasible. Gas stoves are great and efficient solution to allow you to cook during Loadshedding.