LED Spotlights

Why are LED spotlights the better option? LED spotlights have a longer lifespan than spotlights with normal incandescent or halogen bulbs, and produce strong beams of light that illuminate even the darkest spaces. With the added benefit of lower energy consumption, our range of LED spotlights is perfect for widespread outdoor use. Install LED spotlights in your garden, around your commercial property, sports field and more.

Using LED Spotlights for Security

LED spotlights make excellent security lights and improve your home or estate’s safety by increasing visibility of the concealed areas around your property deterring intrusions and burglary. Our LED spotlights are designed with tamper proof features, timers, and motion sensors that assist in keeping your property safe and secure during the night.

Tips to consider when purchasing and installing your LED spotlights:

  • The brightest light isn’t always the best light – instead of using one bright light use multiple LED spotlights with medium brightness. This will reduce potential glare caused by the lights and provide you with the assurance of back-up lighting should one of your other lights be damaged.
  • Choose long lasting LEDs – Good quality LEDs will last long and eliminate the hassle of replacing bulbs.
  • Install your spotlights out of reach - this lowers the risk of someone tampering with your security measures.
  • Before installing your LED spotlights, draw a diagram of your property to find the most effective placement for your lights. High traffic areas such as walkways, doors, and carports, are a good starting point to improve your property’s security. Don’t forget to ensure that the back and sides of your property is lit up too.