Electric Geysers

Sustainable.co.za electric geysers and water heaters

Sustainable.co.za carries a range of efficient electrical geysers to aid in the drive towards renewable energy.
For instance, an electric hot water heater from Upstream is made from corrosive free materials to reduce maintenance costs and maximise internal insulation. The system is easy to install and the tank is shaped to fit into awkward corners to optimise space, while all electrical components are hidden.

Stocking it up

We also have electric water heaters from Duratherm with boilers made from PEX polymer to protect the inside of the geyser from corrosion, reduce maintenance and prolong the life of the heater. All Duratherm electric geysers include a “boiler pack” that includes all parts and components necessary to install an electrical geyser.

Contact Sustainable.co.za today and walk away with one of our energy efficient, cost saving electric geysers.