At its most basic, eco packaging is any type of packaging that is environmentally friendly; that means that the production methods used produce the minimum of green house gases and the materials that are used are sustainable and recyclable. From eco-friendly Bioplastic bags to fully biodegradable food packaging, our eco-packaging products are ideal for homes and businesses. If you have any questions regarding the Eco Packaging products below, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

Thicker plastic: not an eco packaging solution

South Africa’s urban landscape is almost defined by the torn and shredded plastic shopping bags that block gutters and cling to fences and building walls. In an attempt to address the problem, thicker plastic bags were introduced at all shopping outlets. The bags are designed to be more durable and reusable, and consumers have to purchase them at minimal fee.

Unfortunately, the solution has proven to be a false one. The cost of the bags is too low to serve as a proper deterrent and they are only marginally more durable than the old bags. And recycling is just as uncommon now as it was before the new bags were introduced.

A green solution to the packaging problem

The only way to successfully combat the scourge of plastic bags is to stop using them. Eco friendly bags are a far more attractive alternative; made from all natural materials such as cotton, hemp and jute, eco bags are also bigger and sturdier than plastic packaging.

Biodegradable packaging

Biodegradable packaging is also called compostable packaging because it breaks down during the natural recycling process into compostable components. Biodegradable packaging is also made from entirely natural materials such as corn, wheat and sugar cane. Packaging made from organic materials such as these are recycled naturally, no additional energy is required to break the materials down. This means that, in eco terms, biodegradable packaging is preferable to recyclable packaging materials, such as paper and cardboard, which require external energy to break down properly. We offer a range of eco packaging options, including biodegradable bowls, plates, paper serviettes, bags and cups.