Let us put the Spring back into your Step this Season

Let us put a Spring in your step. Spring is, simply put, the reawakening from the slumber of Winter. Cold weather and dark days start turning around. Birds can be heard twittering harmoniously as the dawn breaks earlier and earlier. This is much to the enjoyment and pleasure of most.

Renewal, Rejuvenation and Revitalisation

At Sustainable.co.za we have decided to focus the start of the lighter, warmer months on the theme of the renewal, revitalisation and rejuvenation of your lifestyle and the life of the planet. Our team have spent many hours putting together fantastic, well packaged Spring Kits. From eco-friendly cleaning products to the perfect water-saving hampers and Braai Day packages and more. We will also be running the biggest competition we have had to date. Read on to find out more.


Spring is a time to start afresh and renew the old. Why not start the Spring Cleaning early with our range of eco-friendly cleaning products from Optimus Bio. We have made convenient hampers for those who are looking for a good deal. You can also purchase individual products if hampers are not your thing. The Multi-task Cleaner is a firm favourite among our team so start with that if you are curious. Great smelling products that work well and for the environmentally conscious. Who could ask for more? We have a wide range of energy efficient cleaning appliances on special. From the A++ rate Bosch range of Dish Washers and Washing Machines to the ever-popular Sputnik Wonderwash and the Spindel. All of these are a must-have this Spring.


Time to get the hedge clippers and weed-eaters out and spend some time rejuvenating the garden as the evenings start stretching out to balmy Summer nights. With more time being spent outdoors, your garden will need to be watered daily. With severe droughts in some parts of the country, it is always a good idea to save water if you can. We have a wide range of really fantastic products to help you get the job done. Water-saving shower heads and tap aerators, toilet flush-savers and another firm favourite, the WaterLoo Grey Water Flush System makes saving water an easy affair. Another great addition to the range is the Smappee Gas and Water Monitor. This monitors usage and can even alert you to any leaks that may occur. This can all be conveniently accessed on your phone via an app. Isn't technology just great? We also have a wide range of Rain Water Tanks available. We are so confident that you love them, that we'll be giving one away in our latest seasonal Giveaway. The Sandstone 500 Litre Rainwater Tank is valued at over R 5 500.00 and comes with a plant bowl at the top where you can plant a wide range of flowers for Spring, or even a herb garden if that's what you prefer. Aesthetically pleasing and practical, you want to win this prize. Click here to find out more.


Warmer, lighter evenings is always an excuse to revitalise our social lives and braai more often. With Heritage Day coming up on the 24th, us South Africans like to celebrate with a good braai no matter what your culture and we are very proud of our multi-cultural heritage. We have some really great eco-friendly options when it comes to this national pastime, including long-lasting eco-logs and odourless, very effective firelighters. Add in some eco-packaging and some ambient solar-garden lighting and you have the perfect evening social while doing your bit to ensure the future of the earth. Another team favourite this Spring is the incredibly innovative iHarvey. Featured in Popular Mechanics as “Readers Choice WINNER in the Popular Mechanics Invention of the Year 2018 award” this is definitely something you want to get your hands on. The iHarvey® is an on demand, safe, silent, indoor operation, basic electricity generator, that provides off grid households with usable electricity for lighting and charging of any USB chargeable devices with paraffin! Yes, can you believe it? You can get your hands on this fantastic conversation starter by following the link provide here. Spring is a time to start afresh, to evaluate the past and to look forward to the future and a new start. Life moves forward and as keepers of the earth it is your duty to preserve it by making conscious decisions while improving our lifestyles for the benefit of everyone. Let it be our generation that stemmed the tide. After all, hope springs eternal.