Can I expand my Solar Power System at a later date?

One of the most common questions we get from client's is, "Can I expand on my Solar System at a later date?". This is totally understandable as there are many reasons for wanting to expand on your solar power system, ranging from affordability to upgrading household appliances and/ or moving to a different neighbourhood in the future.

Investing in a solar power system that can be expanded upon at a later date will be a high capital investment but you will save in the long term. Starting with a small system and then adding on a number of other small systems may be a small initial investment but it will cost more in the long term. The budget you have in mind will affect the outcome of this decision.

When researching whether an expandable Solar Power System will suit your needs, you need to take the following into consideration:

* The inverter needs to be sized according to the total peak power you will eventually need. You can buy a single inverter that covers this, or alternatively invest in an inverter that can be paralleled with the same make and model of inverter at a later date.
* If you have a lead acid battery bank, you have a window period of 6 months to add additional batteries to the existing bank. If you add batteries to an existing bank after this time period, the lifespan of your new batteries will be compromised by the existing bank.
* If you do not have a hybrid inverter, the charge controller will need to be sized according to the number of solar panels you require for the total power draw. Solar panels can be added as, and when, you need them.

If you are opting for this route, please ensure that you work with a professional who understands all the components of your existing system, or contact us for a free consultation.

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