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Wind Power

Enjoy the advantages of renewable energy with Sustainable.co.za’s range of wind power generators. With short payback periods and the ability to be used in many different areas in South Africa, wind power is a cheap and sustainable form of energy that can substantially reduce your current energy costs when implemented correctly. For more information on how to make wind power work for you, Contact Us now.

Wind power generation

Wind power can be generated on a large or small scale depending on local requirements. It is possible to set up domestic wind power systems to generate just enough power for your home, or slightly larger systems that can be used to power a neighbourhood. The advantage of shared domestic wind power systems is that construction costs are distributed across a number of households, making it a viable and affordable alternative to conventional electricity grids.

Wind farms, which are designed to provide power on a large scale, are more common in Europe and the US than South Africa, but SA has a few wind power projects in the Western Cape, where the availability if wind is never an issue. These are primarily used to supplement local electricity needs because, currently, wind power doesn’t generate enough power to meet the needs of an entire community.

Advantages of wind power

  • Wind power offers a clean, free and renewable alternative to energy generated by fossil fuels
  • Construction costs can be recouped within 9 months of operation
  • Wind power can be used to supplement existing electricity needs and ease the demands on national Power grids
  • Conventional power suppliers will often buy surplus power from wind power generators
  • Wind power is sustainable

Be blown away by wind power

Enjoy the advantages of renewable energy with Sustainable’s range of wind power generators. For more information on how to make wind power work for you, contact Sustainable now, alternatively, place you order and start benefitting from wind power today.