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Sun Genius Shack Shower Night Solar Geyser

Three billion people must rely on wood, coal, charcoal or animal waste for cooking and heating. 40 To 60% of the energy consumption in any household is spent on heating up water. Especially those relying on wood. They battle daily trying to heat up just a little bit of water. Smoke from wet wood trying to heat up water for shacks. The nature of informal housing structures makes the installation of conventional solar geysers impossible, which excluded millions of people from access to solar geyser technology.
The Sungenius Night holds up to 45 litres of water. It is the same as the Shackshower Day with an additional removable insulation covering the front panel. A DIY solar Geyser, the front panel insulation is put in place, keeping the water warm till late at night. In the morning it needs to be removed again. With a little bit of improvisation, you may install the tap on the inside or on the outside of the house.

All extensions, fittings, tap, hose, clamps, screws, nuts and bolts are Solar geyser for Africa supplied.

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Sun Genius

Product Description


SunGenius solar water geysers, as a part of our solar solutions for Africa, was specifically developed for people living in informal settlements. This patent pending solar geyser is filled up manually and provides affordable and convenient running solar heated water either inside or outside the shack, while cutting out wood, paraffin, gas and electricity for heating up water.

How does it work

  • A heavy duty Solar solution for Africa black flexible solar geyser is installed on a wall facing the sun. It is manually or automatically filled up with water by connecting it to running water or by filling it up with a bottle or mug. The black front panel is heated up by the sun, which transfers the heat to the water inside the geyser. An insulated panel on the side not facing the sun prevents the heated water from cooling down again.
  • When the sun sets, the solar hot water for informal settlements in South African panel is covered with a removable insulation, keeping the water warm till late at night. In the morning the front panel insulation is removed for solar heating to resume. The front insulation panel is permanently attached to the geyser and takes seconds to cover and uncover.

Features and Benefits
Do it yourself

  • The solar geyser can be installed in less than 30 minutes. DIY – Very little basic plumbing and almost no tools needed. Easy to follow instructions make it possible for almost anyone to install a SunGenius geyser.
  • The geyser can easily be installed in line with grid water to be filled by opening a tap instead of filling it by hand with a bucket.
  • Heats up 45 litres of water per day. Depending on the water quantity and weather conditions, the water can be heated up to as high as 60 degrees Celsius.
  • It can be installed at almost any structure, including flimsy zinc patched shacks, brick houses poles and fences.
  • A pole mounted solar geyser is especially handy if the housing structure is not suitable for a SunGenius installation or if the house is not suitably oriented towards the sun.

Practical and Convenient

  • The SunGenius solar geyser is an all-weather installation, rust free, hail resistant and out of the shade of an overhanging roof.
  • It weighs only 4kg and measures 530 x 530 x 100 mm when packed. When installed it measures 1500 x 500 x 100 mm.
  • Can be delivered easily using courier services.
  • SunGenius is manufactured from heavy duty flexible material (1000g/m²), certified for the storing of drinking water and has a 24-month material and factory guarantee.


  • As a permanent and fixed installation, our pilot tests proved that SunGenius solar geysers does not disappear. It seems that the community value the efforts and sees a future and long-term benefit for solar heated water.


  • Materials – Approved for the storage of drinking water. (AS/NZS 4020-2005).
  • Ease of installation – compared to conventional geysers – super easy.
  • Ease of filling – It is the same effort to fill the geyser than pouring water in a cooking pot. When running water is available the geyser can easily be connected to be filled up by opening a tap.
  • Cost of installation – Zero Solar geyser for shacks south Africa.
  • CO2 Emissions – Zero.
  • Indoor emissions – Zero.
  • Safety – 100%.
  • Effectivity – PV panels 20% / SunGenius 70%.
  • Convenience – Compared to the status quo – 100%.
  • Acceptance – 100%.
  • Daily usage – 100% (when the sun is shining).

Additional Information

Additional Information

Geyser Litres 45 Litres
Disclaimer Please note that stock availability is subject to prior sales. Prices exclude delivery. The image serves as an example of what the product looks like and may differ slightly in appearance.
Guarantee/ Warranty 2 year product warranty


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