Solarturtle Fibreglass Cart

Solarturtle Fibreglass Cart  -

Solarturtle Fibreglass Cart

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  • Wi-Fi hotspot – Selling data vouchers is a key revenue stream for the solar energy centres. Rates for data bundles depend on the local internet connection – 3G vs. Broadband.
  • Energy Efficient Devices – The Spark kiosks will also serve as a location for ordering home solar kits, LED lights, power banks, charging cables and other energy efficient products.
  • Refrigeration – The Spark Bike has an option of an energy efficient cooler for drinks, whereas the Spark Cart comes equipped with an energy efficient fridge/freezer.
  • Technical Specifications

    • 2kW Solar system (6 x 320w).
    • 1kWh Backup Battery.
    • 2kW Axpert inverter.
    • 2 x 10 port USB hubs.
    • Solar electrical wiring and plug points.
    • Interior and exterior lighting.
    • Internal storage shelf.
    • Gas food griller.
    • Preparation / wash bowl.
    • 25l water container.
    • 9 kg Gas bottle.
    • Energy efficient adjustable fridge/freezer combo.
    • Serving hatch safety/burglar bars.
    • eNatis registration.
    • Spare wheel.
    • Fire extinguisher.
    • Dimensions
    • Height: 2.1m.
    • Width: 1.8m.
    • Length: 2.5m.
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