Power Master PMDBC 3012 30A 12V Battery Charger

Power Master PMDBC 3012 30A 12V Battery Charger - Sustainable.co.za
Power Master PMDBC 3012 30A 12V Battery Charger - Sustainable.co.za
Power Master PMDBC 3012 30A 12V Battery Charger - Sustainable.co.za

Power Master PMDBC 3012 30A 12V Battery Charger

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Unique LCD (digital meter) Display
 • For all models except 2Amp(12Vdc), 6Amp(12Vdc), 1Amp(24Vdc), and 4Amp(24Vdc), a unique LCD Display is attached for indicating both status of the charger and battery level, voltage, current and capacity. This further extends the function of a battery charger as it is now more intelligent and more user-friendly. Adjustments for charging current and charging time are possible.
LED Display
 • Clear and easy to understand LED Displays: Red (power), Green (floating charge), Orange (equalizer charge).
Automatic Multi-Rate Charging Function
 • The DBC chargers are able to detect the rate of current needed during charging and enable pre-charge, equalizer charge, or floating charge accordingly.
Dual Output
 • For models with 25Amp(12Vdc), 14Amp(24Vdc), 9Amp(36Vdc), 7Amp(48Vdc) and above, dual output is designed for connecting to two battery banks and charging both batteries at the same time. Each output has one rectifier to prevent countercurrent from happening. Ideally, the two battery banks should have same battery capacity, else the unbalance in different capacities may cause over charging.
Pulse charge
 • For models with 45Amp(12Vdc), 23Amp(24Vdc), 15Amp(36Vdc), 11Amp(48Vdc) and above, this function is available to fully charge the batteries and to increase the charging efficiency. For all other models except 2Amp(12Vdc), 6Amp(12Vdc), 1Amp(24Vdc), and 4Amp(24Vdc), pulse charge at beginning can be added for 12V and 24V upon request.
 • When batteries are over discharged, bulk charging could damage the batteries. In order to prevent this from happening, pre-charge function will be initiated automatically once the charger detects battery voltage under 10V. When start charging, the charging current is limited to 50%and pre-charge timer will start counting for 30 minutes. If the battery voltage increases to above 11.5V within 30 minutes, the charging current will return to 100% again.
 • This function is available for models - 12Vdc: 10A~30Amp  24Vdc: 7A~17Amp  36Vdc: 4A~11Amp  48Vdc: 3A~8Amp.
Cooling fan controlled by floating voltage
 • When reaching to floating stage, rotating speed of the fan will slow down or the fan will stop in order to increase lifespan of fan. During bulk charging, the fan will rotate in fast speed to lowering the temperature. With 2Amp(12Vdc), 6Amp(12Vdc), 1Amp(24Vdc), and 4Amp(24Vdc) models, cooling fans are controlled by temperature instead of floating voltage.

Exquisite case design
 • The aluminum housing makes the charger to have best thermally conductive performance with modern case design.
Adapted to each battery technology
Chargeable for Lead-Acid Battery (liquid electrolyte, gel electrolyte, lead calcium, etc…).

Model No. PM-DBC-3012D
Output Voltage 12V
Current 30A
Equalizer Charge 14.4 +/- 0.1V
Float Charge 13.6 +/- 0.1V
Efficiency >87% (at full load)
Input Voltage 110V or 220V
Frequency 47~63Hz
Protection Battery Reverse Yes
Short Circuit Yes
Overload Yes
Temperature Yes; when around65°C~75°C; it will stop charging
Cooling Fan Fans are controlled byfloating voltage
Indicators LED 3 LED Display: Red(power); Green (floating charge) & Orange (equalizer charge)
Current Meter YES
Mechanical Dimensions 79mm x 170mm x 251mm
Weight 2.5
O/PWires or Terminal 100W-300W: MicrophoneConnector or Alligator Clips; Other models: Terminal
Victron Battery Balancer
Victron Battery Balancer
Victron Battery Balancer
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