Outback VFXR 3048E Grid-Hybrid Vented Inverter

Outback VFXR 3048E Grid/Hybrid Vented Inverter

Outback VFXR 3048E Grid-Hybrid Vented Inverter

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FXR inverter/chargers can be paired with a MATE3 to add OPTICS RE to monitor and control system performance from any location. Available in power ranges from 2000W-3000W, multiple units may be stacked and connected with other OutBack Power electronics for more seamless system integration and the ability to function in a wide variety of applications, and system sizes. Up to nine inverters can be combined in a 3-phase system with the 12V, 24V or 48V models, and up to 30kW in a grid-tied 24V or 48V system. The exclusive modular system architecture means that increased power output is just an additional FXR inverter/charger away.

Technical Specifications

  • Instantaneous Power (100ms): 5750Va.
  • Surge Power (5 sec): 5175Va.
  • Peak Power (30 min): 3300Va.
  • Continuous Power Rating (@ 25°C): 3000Va.
  • Nominal DC Input Voltage: 48V.
  • AC Output Voltage (selectable): 230Vac (200 - 260Vac)
  • AC Output Frequency (selectable): 50Hz (60Hz).
  • Continuous AC Output Current (@ 25°C): 13A AC.
  • Typical Efficiency: 93%.
  • Output Voltage Regulation: ±2.5%.
  • AC Input Voltage Range (MATE3 Adjustable): 170 to 290Vac.
  • AC Input Frequency Range: 45 to 55Hz.
  • Grid-Interactive Voltage Range: 208 to 252VAC.
  • Grid-Interactive Frequency Range: 27 to 51Hz.
  • Maximum AC Input Current: 30A AC.
  • Continuous Battery Charge Output: 40A DC.
  • Advanced Battery Charging: Flooded, gel, AGM, lithium-ion and flow chemistry.
  • DC Input Voltage Range: 42 to 68Vdc.
  • Accessory Ports: Remote temperature sensor (included), MATE3 and HUB communications.
  • Warranty: 5 Years.
  • Weight (kg): 28Kg.
  • Dimensions H x W x L (cm): 21.75 x 13 x 22.
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