MLT Oasis 8.0H 6kW Hybrid Inverter

MLT Oasis 8.0H 6kW Hybrid Inverter -
MLT Oasis 8.0H 6kW Hybrid Inverter
MLT Oasis 8.0H 6kW Hybrid Inverter

MLT Oasis 8.0H 6kW Hybrid Inverter

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Typical Off-grid or Self-consumption Application
The Oasis inverter is ideal for off-grid installations where the renewable source of power is fed directly into the batteries. The Oasis converts the battery power into clean AC power that the load can use. The built-in battery charging function allows the use of a backup generator or the grid without the need for external battery chargers.
The Oasis can be configured to maximise self-consumption of renewable power by disconnecting from the grid during specified times, enabling optimal use of all available renewable power.

Typical Grid-tied Application
The Oasis inverter will act as a backup supply to provide power from the batteries in the event of a grid failure.
Installing a solar PV inverter on the load side will allow efficient use of solar energy and any excess generated power will automatically be used to charge the batteries or be exported to the grid.

Basic Generator or Load Control
In off-grid systems, the Oasis inverter can automatically start the generator when the battery voltage is low or an overload occurs. The Oasis synchronises with the generator before connecting the load smoothly. When the charge cycle is complete, or when the overload disappears, the Oasis will turn off the generator and transition smoothly back to stand-alone mode.
The Oasis can also be used to turn on / off specific loads based on low battery voltage or overload.

System Ratings

  • Rated Voltage / Frequency: 1ø / 230 V / 50 Hz.
  • Continuous Rated Output Power: 6 kVA / 6 kW.
  • Half-hour Rated Output Power: 8 kVA / 8 kW.
  • Rated Output Current: 26 A (60 A with AC source).
  • Maximum output current: 35 A (for 30 mins), 52 A (for 2s), 60 A (with AC source).
  • THD V (at rated power): < 5 %.

AC Input

  • Input Voltage Range: 185 .. 250 V.
  • Input Frequency Range: 42 .. 65 Hz.
  • Rated Input Current: 60 A.

DC Input

  • Battery Voltage (Nominal): 36 / 48 V.
  • Charging Voltage: 42.3 / 44.1 V (36 V) and 56.4 / 58.8 V (48 V).
  • Charging current: 30 / 60 A (36 V) & 25 / 50 A (48 V).
  • Supported Battery Technologies: Lead Acid, Lithium.

Efficiency: Up to 94 %.

  • No Load Power Consumption (On): < 40 W.
  • No Load Power Consumption (Load Sense): 6 W.

General Specifications

  • Mounting Method: Wall Mounted (mounting bracket provided).
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 400 x 670 x 220 mm.
  • IP/NEMA Rating: IP20 / NEMA1.
  • Colour: RAL 9002 / RAL 9011.
  • Weight: 65kg.
  • Architecture: Galvanically isolated, Forced air cooling.


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