i-G3N e-Stack 16 315Ah 16.1kWh 48V Lithium Battery

i-G3N e-Stack 16 315Ah 16.1kWh 48V Lithium Battery - Sustainable.co.za

i-G3N e-Stack 16 315Ah 16.1kWh 48V Lithium Battery

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Please note that this products has a manufacturing lead time of 2 weeks.

Why e-Stack?

  • Local assembly and technical support.
  • Optional Off-site diagnostics (via VRM or the system).
  • Nationwide support and maintenance.
  • Built for homes and small businesses.

Top Features

  • Scalable in 5.4 kWh increments.
  • Full suite CANbus integration with Victron and SunSynk inverters.
  • 5 kW (100A sustained) output.
  • Floor standing, stackable battery.
  • On-board Diagnostics via Bluetooth(optional).
  • CANbus enabled - wide baud rate capabilities and multi PGN reference grid.
  • Proudly South African.


  • Cell Type (LFP prismatic) Ah: 315.
  • Battery nominal capacity kWh: 16.1.
  • Battery usable capacity 80% DoD kWh: 12.9.
  • Design life: >16 years (>5 500 cycles) expected life at 80% DoD.
  • Warranty: >10 years (>4000 cycles) @ 25°C.
  • Nominal energy: 315.
  • Module voltage: 51,2VDC nominal.
  • Maximum discharge current (continuous) A :315.
  • Maximum discharge current (not continuous - 3sec) A: 300.
  • Discharging cut-off voltage (LVD): 50V.
  • Operating Conditions: Temperature range recommended Charge -> (0°C~55°C) Discharge -> (-20°C~55°C).
  • Protection class: IP22 - no solid ingress and near vertical water droplets.
  • Safety: Safe cell design Prismatic cells with venting device.
  • BMS: BMS system with safety lines &multi-level fault detection system.
  • Cells thermal management: BMS controlled active cooling.
  • Dimensions (W x H x L) Storage Unit: (W)266mm x (H)445mm x (L)580mm (x 3 Stacked).
  • Weight Storage unit: 150Kg (50kg x 3).
  • Communication: CANbus.


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