BIBO Block Mini

BIBO Block Mini -
BIBO Block Mini -

BIBO Block Mini

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How it works
The BIBO block is a unique compact micro filter that uses high performance SILIPHOS spheres. With just a simple installation on to your main water line, the BIBO block ensures that the right conditions are met to inhibit scale and chalk build up in your entire water system.

It’s simple
With the BIBO block, we keep it easy.

  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to replace cartridges.
  • Easy to wash and maintain for repeated use.

Why block scale & chalk build up
Scale and chalk build up occurs from minerals within the water content. They can cause premature wear and tear to your entire water system. Preventing scale and chalk build up has numerous benefits including

  • Increasing the longevity of your water appliances, geysers, pipes.
  • Ensuring better regular water pressure and flow.
  • Reducing the energy consumption of your geysers – giving you an instant return of investment.
  • Preventing toilet and basin stains, tap crusting and general corrosion in your entire water system.

Who is it for?
While some areas of our country are more affected than others, all water contains an element of hard water. If you have experienced any corrosion, premature wear and tear or blockage in your water system, due to chalk and scale, the BIBO block is for you. The BIBO block came about as an answer to our customers’ requests to solve the hard water problems they were experiencing. It has since been tried, tested and proven.

Which one is for you?
The BIBO block brings you the alpha, for high volume water consumption, and the mini for places with limited space and small volume consumption. The number of people living in your home or building, the amount of water used and the space available for the installation are what you need to consider before choosing which BIBO block to go with.

Technical Specifications

  • Filtration: 50-micron stainless steel mesh.
  • Inlet / Outlet Thread: Ø1".
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: Up to 60°C.
  • Flow Rate: 0 - 3000l/m.
  • Hydraulic Head Loss: 1.0m³ = 0.08Bar / 2.0m³ = 0.25Bar / 3.0m³ = 0.6Bar.
  • Feature: For installation in tight areas.
  • Fitting (Easy to open): Hand tighten.
  • Size: 170 mm (W) x 240 mm (H).
  • Weight (Cartridge): 120g.
  • Filter Replacement Intervals: 3 months or 60 000 litres.
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