Badu Solar 0.45kW Pool/Koi Pump Kit -

Badu Solar 0.45kW Pool-Koi Pump Kit

Badu Solar 0.45kW Pool-Koi Pump Kit

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This is how our BADU Solar System works: Sunlight shines on a solar panel creating DC electricity. The electricity flows then from the panels through a booster to the controller box where it gets converted to AC electricity, the same what we get from the grid.
The panels gets installed in rows, facing true North if you are in the southern hemisphere and true South, if you are in the Northern hemisphere, and they need to be tilted the same angle as your house’s latitude, e.g. Cape Town is 33˚, Durban is 29˚, JHB is 26˚ and Pretoria is 25˚ to generate the best possible power.
Our panels also get installed with boosters that increases the electricity generated substantially, making our system more economical with fewer panels covering your roof.
The BADU Solar System can run on solar only or in conjunction with power from the grid, which is great news for Koi enthusiasts. The BADU Solar System is designed to use solar power first and then top up with what is needed, if at all, from the grid. Now you too can convert your existing Speck pump to the BADU Solar System and save on your electricity bill.
Another feature of the BADU Solar System is that you can link to the controller software anywhere via the internet on your computer or smart phone. That way you monitor that it is working, look at the performance stats and change the settings which makes running the pump remotely, especially the Koi pond owners, safe and easy.

The Kit Consist of the Following Components


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