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Green Home Sample Box

At Green Home, sustainability is our passion, our vision and our daily work. We’re here to supply you with a great range of environmentally friendly food packaging in the best way we can. We’re here to change some trends, rewrite some rules and usher in a big-picture-thinking way of serving food on the go.

  • All products are made from plant raw materials.
  • Biodegradable packaging is completely compostable.
  • Use biodegradable packaging to achieve zero waste.
  • Plant materials are renewable, sustainable and have a lower environmental footprint.
  • Plant materials are natural and non- toxic, so are our products.
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Green Home

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Product Description


The Green Home Sample Box Contains 1 unit of each product in the Green Home Range (e.g. Sugarcane bowls, Bioplastic cutlery, Wooden cutlery ... etc).

Green Home Raw Materials
Bagasse is the waste fibre that is left after sugarcane has been pressed for its juice. We use sugarcane in two forms: moulded fibre products and paper. Moulded bagasse fibre products make up the basis of our range of takeaway containers, bowls and plates. They are beautiful products. They have a natural look and feel and even though they feel like paper they are strong and hold their shape well. Bagasse products are heat resistant up to 100˚C, water and oil resistant, freezer friendly and microwave safe. Sugarcane fibre / bagasse is mixed with wood pulp to create bagasse paper and board. The mix of bagasse and wood pulp is a minimum of 60% bagasse pulp. Green Home’s eco-friendly toilet paper and serviettes are made from bagasse paper as are the cardboard lids used to seal the ice cream bowls and taster cups.

Why is Bagasse the most earth friendly choice?

  • Bagasse is a waste material from the sugar industry.
  • Bagasse is annually renewable.
  • It’s certified GM-free.
  • Bagasse is a tree-free paper.
  • It is home compostable and will biodegrade into natural materials if exposed to bacteria, moisture and heat.
  • Bagasse products are recyclable with other paper products if they have not absorbed any grease from food.

Plant Starch
Green Home plant-based Bioplastic look like petroleum based plastics, but are made from plants and are 100% compostable. The Green Home product range includes items made from PLA and CPLA:

  • PLA: PLA is made from fermented corn starch. PLA products are transparent and heat sensitive to 40˚C. Our clear plastic products are made from PLA, for example, clear bags, deli containers, sandwich boxes and clear cold drink / smoothie cups and lids.
  • CPLA: CPLA is a combination of PLA, chalk and other biodegradable additives and can withstand temperatures of up to 95°C without deforming. It is opaque in colour. Our cutlery and coffee cup lids are made from CPLA and our coffee cups are lined with CPLA to prevent them from absorbing liquids.

Wood Fibre
We source products made from wood fibre from trees grown and harvested in a sustainable way that protects wildlife and the environment. The Green Home product range includes wood cellophane, recycled paper, and greaseproof paper all made from wood fibre.

  • Cellophane: Our clear cellophane bags are made from FSC certified sustainable regenerated wood, cotton or hemp cellulose. They can be heat sealed and have a high barrier to air, grease and bacteria making it ideal for food packaging.
  • Recycled Paper: Our recycled paper products are a mix of first generation factory waste paper (99.95%) and FDA approved alkaline paper sizing agent (0.05%). No fresh trees were used to make our brown paper bags, pizza boxes or cup carriers!
  • Greaseproof paper: Our greaseproof paper is made from wood sourced certified sustainable forests and is certified by ISEGA, FDA and GOSPA. The greaseproof properties are obtained during the pulping process and so no chemical treatment or coatings are used.

We source products made from wood grown and harvested in a sustainable way that protects wildlife and maintains healthy and balanced ecosystems. Green Home supplies products made from three types of sustainable wood: Bamboo, Birchwood and White Pine. Green Home’s wooden products include a range of Birchwood cutlery and Bamboo and White Pine cocktail accessories. They are beautiful products, adding a naturally stylish and tactile experience to the food with which they are served.

Why choose Green Home wooden utensils and cocktail accessories?

  • The wood is sourced from FSC certified sustainably forested areas.
  • Bamboo is annually renewable.
  • They are home compostable and will biodegrade if exposed to bacteria, moisture and heat.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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