Zero ZLF100AC Vaccine Storage Refrigerator

Zero ZLF100AC Vaccine Storage Refrigerator
Zero ZLF100AC Vaccine Storage Refrigerator

Zero ZLF100AC Vaccine Storage Refrigerator

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Designed by Specialist
The SURE CHILL® Technology has been developed by a pioneering European company, experts in Sustainable Energy solutions with more than 25 years’ experience in sustainable and renewable energy. We are extremely proud of our ZERO MEDICAL Vaccine Refrigerators with SURE CHILL® Technology and the ability to transform lives by keeping lifesaving vaccines safe, effective and secure.
 • SURE CHILL®   Technology is a result of more than 20 years’ experience and is used in many countries across the globe.
 • Our Refrigerators have been independently tested and WHO pre-qualified to ensure Consistent performance and reliability.
 • Zero Appliances is a pioneer in the field of refrigeration with a rich experience of over 60 years.
Features and Benefits
 • Easy Operation - Just plug in and leave, no thermostat setting is necessary.
 • Automatic Thermostat - Sure Chill's inherent temperature regulation will sense hot spots (or cold points) in the compartment and will immediately correct them.
 • Fitted with AVR (AC Only) (Automatic Voltage Regulator) and Power Isolator Interrupter and 24V Surge Protect (DC only) - Protects the compressor and other electronic components from power fluctuations.
 • Heavy Duty Wheels (2 x Lockable) - Easy to move the fridge to any desired / suitable place without any difficulty and locks into position.
 • Lockable Sealing Latch - Keeps product safe.
 • Plug and Play Connection on DC Units - Male/Female connection saves time on Power Pack installation.
 • Safe Vaccine Storage - Peace of mind knowing that the products are WHO approved.
 • Superior Hold-Over Time - When fully charged, the 100L will maintain the correct cooling temperature at an ambient temperature of +43°C for 10 days without power, and over 17 days at +32°C.
 • Ample Vaccine Storage Capacity - Allows stocking of a broad spectrum of products.
 • No Defrosting Needed - Saves you time and protects vaccines.
 • Thick Environmentally Safe Insulation - Keeps products at correct temperature (i.e. Keeps cold in and heat out) and looks after our planet at the same time.
 • Front Opening Fridge, Not Chest Type - Easy to access and manage your products, without exposing vaccines to thermal shock even on repeated door openings.
 • Water Lining, Not Ice Lining - Guarantees never to freeze vaccines.
 • Durability - Solid Steel Chromadek construction with polyethylene inner.
 Technical Specifications
 • Power Source - Mains Electric.
 • Size / Weight (mm) - (W) 810mm x (D) 700mm x (H) 1780mm / 115Kg.
 • Gross storage capacity (litres) - 124L.
 • Vaccine storage capacity (litres) - 99L (1 Shelve) / 93L (All Shelves).
 • Holdover time @ 43˚C (Day/Night Cycle) - > 255 hours (10 days +).
 • Holdover time @ 32˚C (Day/Night Cycle) - > 408 hours (17 days +).
 • Day/Night Cycle Power Consumption kWh/24 hrs - @ +32˚C 0,620 & @ +43˚C 0,940.
 • Rated Ambient Temperature - (+) 43˚C Hot Zone.
 • Shelves/Drawers supplied - 3 Shelves.
 • Insulation - Zero GWP / ODP VOC Compliant CFC / HFC / HCFC free.

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