Gear Up for Winter with Geyser Efficiency

The leaves are changing colour, the nights are getting longer and South Africans are scampering for shelter as winter arrives in our usually sunny country. Households across the nation will be cranking up the heat in an effort to ward off the winter chills, and of course this also means energy consumption will be steadily on the rise in the coming weeks – making next month’s electricity bills an unpleasantly chilling experience. The good news is this can be easily avoided with by taking better care of that overworked and undervalued home appliance, the geyser. While you cosy up on the couch, your geyser will be working overtime behind the scenes to provide your home with hot water – that household luxury we tend to appreciate the most when we can’t have it! Water heating accounts for around 40% of your home’s energy consumption, which means a happily functioning geyser is essential to a warm house in winter. Here are a few ways you can ease the load placed on your geyser during the colder months, saving heat and money at the same time.

Geyser Timers

Start small and install a geyser timer – this will give you more control over the use of your geyser. By ensuring the geyser is switched on only when hot water is required (usually mornings and evenings) and automatically switched off when not in use, you’ll conserve a great deal of energy, and ultimately money. Geyser timers are affordable and easy to install, and they can make a big difference to your home’s energy efficiency.

Geyser Blankets/ Duvets

You and your family are wrapping up warm, but what about your geyser? By insulating it with a specially designed geyser blanket or duvet, you can keep the appliance’s temperature constant, and minimise the energy needed to keep it from dropping (the average household geyser cools at a rate of around 1°C per hour).

Green Geysers

While these are two quick and easy ways to give your geyser some much-needed TLC, you might also want to look into a more substantial change this winter. If you’ve been planning to get a new geyser installed, now’s the time to go green and get a fully solar powered water heating system. These systems vary in their components and pricing according to the hot water requirements of your home, but in short consist of a solar geyser, tube collectors and a pump. Winter may be on its way, but the team at is ready to help you face the frosty months with an extensive range of energy efficient gadgets and a wealth of expert advice. And of course, our online shop makes it easy to find what you need without leaving the warmth of your living room!