Waterfall City – South Africa’s Largest Property Development - Ever

With a budget of over R21 Billion, a development site of over 640ha and constituting at least 5 to 10 percent of Gauteng's construction GDP, Waterfall City just outside of Midrand is the largest property development in South Africa’s building history. And what’s more, the entire development is revolved around “green” principles. Homes within Waterfall city’s boundaries will be expected to make use of solar heating, power and other sustainable energy sources, something that I’m sure plumbing contractors around the country will be benefiting from nicely, especially plumbers in Midrand. The city’s overall carbon footprint will be reduced by a substantial 60% compared to current households around South Africa. One of the biggest initiatives apart from regular solar heating and power is the provision of LP gas which is being supplied by Sasol to households and businesses within the city. Power from this LP gas will be able to meet over 70% of the daily household energy requirements. Amongst other facilities within the enormous property development, Waterfall city will constitute of an equestrian estate, a gym, a shopping centre, 2 internationally acclaimed retirement homes, a hospital and schools. Construction of Waterfall City is underway and is currently standing at about 35% completion. Homes are already being sold off and we’re told that progress is going well and on schedule. What a great initiative this is. Initial costs for Waterfall City will most likely be slightly more than regular housing; however one can expect massive monetary and environmental savings over time, the general rule when it comes to building and using sustainable homes.