Save Water and Money with a Water Saving Shower Head

When it comes to saving water, most people think that water saving products cost a fortune. This however is far from the actual truth. There are ways in which to save water, save hot water and thereby save energy and the amount of money you spend on your monthly electricity bill. This short blog post takes a look at the outright winner (in my opinion) of water saving products – mainly because of the minimal costs involved. Check it out… Water Saving Shower Heads There is almost no excuse why every household in the world shouldn’t have one of these by now. As far as water saving tips for the home are concerned, this is an extremely affordable and effective small piece of equipment that can significantly reduce your household water consumption. How much water can you save by installing a water saving shower head? Water saving shower heads use up to 60% less water than regular shower heads. In an average family household of four people, this can translate into a saving of approximately 300 litres of water per day. It doesn’t stop there however. Because of the significant amount of water being saved by your water saving shower head, your geyser (be it a solar geyser installed by accredited plumbing contractors cape town or a regular household geyser) is required to heat significantly less water than usual which translates into energy savings. Saving on energy translates into savings on money spent on energy which means you save money on a monthly basis. How much money can you save? By saving up to 300 litres of water a month, research has shown that you can save up to R350 per month on your overall energy bill. That is a significant amount and results in you actually paying off your initial investment required to purchase a water saving shower head. Add the money saved up over a year or two and you will soon be able to make a call to plumbing contractors Durban or any other part of the country and afford to be able to install a fully fledged solar water heating system – resulting in even more savings. What are you waiting for? Quite simply: Buy a water saving shower head today!